December 13, 2010

Leipzig Coffee

Coffee time is serious business in Germany. You don't mess with people's coffee time! Advent Sundays are even more special than regular coffee times, you invite over friends or family and spend time with them, generally on the Advent (4 sundays leading up to Christmas) Sundays.

Yesterday Leipzig hosted their Christmas Coffee. Unfortunately, Pam was sick and was not able to attend, but the Abercrombies, Larry and I were there. We had a great turn out, at least in my opinion, with around 13 people I think! An old contact from the missionaries who used to be in Leipzig came, a few current contacts came, a girl that came during LST this summer and a german who married an american that was in the area for Christmas came with her son! It was great!

I was thinking on the train ride back last night how neat it really is to see the transition going on with the churches here! Chemnitz is such a thriving church that is constantly growing and I would consider it to be a shining star in European churches. Chemnitz is in the process of being a complete church plant success! All of the leadership is now native, there are still Americans here, but not in major positions! In the next year it will be even more with Chemnitz able to stand with out any American missionary help!

At the same time, Leipzig is just beginning! Its neat to see believers coming together each week and others who are visiting to see what it is all about! Its such a blessing to be able to witness both churches taking off in their own ways!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Dum spiro, spero. ~Latin Proverb

December 10, 2010

Christmas Party

Less than a week and my parents get here!!!!

Things are starting to slow down a bit now, The Everhearts should be on a plane back to the states as we speak, all of Pam's family is home now. Roy's folks are still here til Tuesday.

Tonight I am hosting our Christmas party. We baked cookies last year and it was a blast! This year, we are starting earlier and baking cookies for those who are in the baking mood, but then we are playing dirty santa and watching a christmas movie of some sort.

Snow is still falling, daily. It warms up enough to start melting and then freezes in the afternoon and evenings and becomes ice and snow!

Thats really all the news here!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Those who don't know how to weep with their whole heart, don't know how to laugh either. ~Golda Meir

December 6, 2010

This Has Got To Be A Good Life

Things have been a whirlwind around here lately! Since I got back from furlough we worked hard to get the sullivans house finished for thanksgiving and all the guests. Thanksgiving has passed and we are halfway through the guests thus far.

The first advent Sunday we had a group over, Marion, one of the young adults at church wanted a coworker over to meet some of the folks from church. It went really well. Last week the snow hit and we got crazy amounts of snow! Last Friday I went to a christmas market in Schneberg with the Everhearts and Karen. That was a blast! Then Friday night we had a great turn out at EBS. Greta, one of the members of the LST team that came the year before I came came through for a weekend visit in Chemnitz.

This week things have slowed down a bit. Next week my parents come in on Thursday! I'm excited!!!

Oh, this weekend I also watched some of the kids from church! We went sledding Saturday with Roy and his folks, that was also my first time to go sledding! It was a bit terrifying, but also fun I do have to admit!

I think thats all the news updates I have for now. Things are going well, Christmas is rapidly approaching!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

If you can't do what you want to, do what you can! ~Lois McMaster Bujold

November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Blessings

With the thanksgiving holiday here I was thinking about some of my favorite holiday memories. Of course the typical sense rushed to mind: everyone gathered around the table, chatting in the kitchen, playing with the kids outside in the leaves. Those of course always top the list.

My junior year we were planning our friend thanksgiving before we left. It was set up for Monday. Friday I got a call saying that my uncle charlie had been in a really bad accident. He was on his way to a recording (he is a children's minister who travels and does kids rallies google him! Uncle Charlie is his stage name too!). I spent the rest of the time at the OU Medical hospital (the accident was south of ardmore and they flew him to OU for the surgeries). Anyways, Monday rolled around and I went to classes and was up at the hospital when I wasn't in class. Monday night while I was sitting in the ICU room with uncle charlie my mom and my uncles best friend Montie, my phone started to buzz. I looked down and it was my roommate. I went out in the hall to answer and she said they were in the waiting room. I went out to see her and when I walked in there was the entire group of my friends, everyone who was supposed to be at thanksgiving there in the ICU waiting room with all kinds of food. I was nearly in tears. They pushed tables together and not only shared their thanksgiving meal with my family, but also with all the other families there in the ICU.

That is an extreme act of generosity and Christian love. That helped me see what a blessing those around me can be. What a blessing friends and family can be.

Give someone a hug today, or even just a high-five, and tell them you appreciate them being in your life. Trust me, they will appreciate that you did it.

Christmas Markets open tomorrow, look for pictures soon!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. ~Epicurus

November 18, 2010

Prayer and Repentance Day

Wednesday was Prayer and Repentance day here in Saxony, I believe that is one of the holidays that Saxony recognizes and no one else does. That happens a lot. Anyways, it means everyone had the day off wednesday because it was a holiday. Last week was Linda's 30th birthday so to celebrate, she invited everyone out to a nice restaurant for brunch. Brunch in germany means both breakfast and lunch, 2 separate meals at the same time. Just to clarify. Anyways there was a large group of us, 15 maybe.

I had a wonderful time and got to chat with folks which of course was nice! That afternoon I came home and made my first homemade bread! I had the free time and figured why not! They came out delicious in case you were wondering!

Everyone is working hard to get the Sullivans apartment back in functioning condition. Pam's family comes in on Tuesday and Larry and the rest of the guys come back from Bulgaria on Monday night. Everything is almost done, its just a lot of last minute things. Lots of cleaning and getting things back where they are supposed to go!

Today I have Ursula in a little over an hour, and then Isabell this afternoon for coffee. Tonight is English Bible Study and then we are going out to a restaurant around the corner with a group from EBS for supper and to hang out. Tomorrow is low key, nothing really planned other than working around the house(s). Sunday we are meeting with Cindy and Stephan for coffee at the train station again so it will be nice to see them!

Thats all from my side of the world! Have a wonderful weekend! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

For he who sees a need but waits to be asked is already set on a cruel refusal. ~Dante Alighieri

November 13, 2010


Just some photos of the retreat!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Don't take life to seriously, you'll never get out of it alive. ~Elbert Hubbard

November 11, 2010


Let me start off by saying, the family retreat was awesome! There were a few times where it was a bit much for me, but for the most part I had a wonderful time and would do it again! I was able to spend time with a lot of the other folks from Saxony and meet some new ones too!

On another note, we have been trying to plan a retreat for winter vacation for the young adults, something fun that gives some freedom with a lot of options. So we made a couple ski plans, to stay at resorts and what nots. We came up with one all inclusive for about 500 Euro which would be around 700 american, steep I know! Then we had another for 350 euro so about 500 american. A little better, but still a lot! Well, then we heard about a cabin the church owns in the black forest in Austria, and heard it was snow safe and it would be fun! Well guess what!!! The guy who is in charge of it was at the weekend retreat!! I was able to talk to him and it was free the week we needed it and it was by far the cheapest we have found and fit all of the requirements! We were looking at 250 euro, (50 extra added for unexpected expenses) which would be about 350 american! A much more do-able amount!!!! Once we called last night though, they really didn't recommend it because it would be so harsh in the winter. Fail.

Now we are back to square one and not a clue how (or where) to take an affordable winter vacation! We even thought about going to a city and just renting out an apartment for a few days and spending time in the city. Only problem is people think winter vacation and they generally want to do winter sports. uhhh who knows!!

Readers are going well, I got a new reader a few weeks ago, he wasn't to excited about reading from the Bible but seemed opened to it. He came to the english movie night and seemed to like it! Anyways, I say all that to say I left the ball in his court to read. He emailed me to set up a reading date this week!!!! I was really excited to hear back from him!

Isabel and I are about to start a new book, Battlefield of the mind, by Joyce Meyer. I've never read anything from her so it should be interesting!

This weekend will be busy, Friday I have a reader at 10 and then again at 1. The afternoon is free! Friday night we are packing the vans for Bulgaria (the boys leave early Saturday morning!) and then im hosting a movie night. Saturday is saxon singing and then Mark and Sherry Woodward from LST will be coming in town. Sunday is worship in Chemnitz and then again in Leipzig!

I think that was a long enough of an update! The Sullivan's house is coming along very well, they are almost done!!! Painting was all that was left downstairs and the floor was being put in yesterday afternoon in the dining room! Today they should be putting cabinets back in and hooking up pipes and what nots!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers. ~James Thurber

November 4, 2010

Family Retreat

This weekend I am going on the annual family retreat. Not sure what exactly to expect and I am a little worried about the language. I wasn't going to go (who wants to pay for a family retreat when your a single and you can't understand it anyways!), however after some peer pressure from Karen, Sven, and Alex I gave in.

I met with a new reader today. He is a young guy who wants to go to university in the states and study medicine. He is hoping to get a soccer scholarship, but knows he needs to improve his english. His mom used to be the secretary for a missionary in another small village years ago, and so she called the missionary (knowing he was american and still had contacts here) to try and get some english practice! How perfect is that? The meeting went well today, I am looking forward to getting to know him. He wasn't opposed to using the Bible as out text at all (its usually a 50/50 toss up!) which was great!

So with the holidays rapidly approaching I was in the mood for some pumpkin bread. I decided I would go buy a pumpkin on Monday after LST at Karens school, however when I ventured over to the store which held an abundance of pumpkins for the past 3 weeks, there wasn't a pumpkin in site! Sad I know! So I re-directed my holiday baking to fudge! I needed to make something for the retreat this weekend and saw the forecast was rainy for the rest of the week, so I tried tuesday night after bible class. Epic fail. Not only did I have to go to the store 2-3 times, it just didn't work. Pam said she has tried a lot of recipes and never been successful in making fudge. They have been here nearly 20 years. There must be a way! Thats our new feat- to find a fudge recipe that works here. There must be a way!!!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

If you can't get rid of the skeleton, you might as well make it dance. ~George Shaw

November 2, 2010


Sorry its been so long since i've updated. I had some free time this morning so I thought I would jot some new things on here.

Things have been going well. Fall is defiantly here, the weather has been getting chilly, however the past 2 weeks have been absolutely amazing! We have had cool brisk air but beautifully sunny days! This of course provides an excellent time to rake leaves, a favori... i mean a fall pass time. But seriously, the weather has been amazing the past few weeks!

Work at the Sullivan's is going well, it is almost at an end!!! The goal is to have their house finished in 2 weeks before the guys leave for Bulgaria.

Readers are going well, I got a new guy, Ralf, who came to english movie night last night. He seems like an interesting fellow, im looking forward to getting to know him.

Sunday I went to leipzig for worship, that of course is always exciting and uplifting! This Sunday there were 10 people there!!! I got to see Inis (pronounced Eeee-Nn-ise) which was great, I really enjoy spending time with her. We would defiantly be friends if we were closer. She is in her late 20's early 30's and works in advertising! How cool is that?

What else what else.... I have started working on German some more. I wont be taking any more german classes, they are just to expensive and take up to much time for the amount of time I have left here. So as a substitute, I am working through my books again and meeting with Sven once a week for some one on one help, and then meeting with one of the older ladies in the congregation, Gesila, for some reading and pronunciation each week.

Oh yea! I went to the volunteer center last week and applied for a position as a volunteer. I think we found a food center not far from me actually where folks can come and pay about 5 euros and get a bag of food for the week. I'm excited about getting started with that! Apparently most folks here dont really volunteer. I had to fill out some major paper work to apply, and they wanted to know all the reasons I wanted to volunteer, if i wanted a certificate when I was done, if I was doing it for work or because it was part of my job. It was kind of weird... I asked Amanda (she was a HIM worker who stayed and is now teaching english and living in chemnitz) if people just volunteered for fun here, and she said not really that its just not something people think about. Of course that was the problem I ran into last time, ever position we looked at, I had to be able to speak german at a better level than I do, or it was a paid position. Free time to do good for others just isn't a concept people really consider here.

Alright well I better get off of here. I just gave Snickers a bath and now I need to clean up before I go see Gesila! I would like to ask for your prayers though, I talked to my mom this weekend and our family friend, Robert, who might as well be our grandpa has now moved in downstairs with mom. He used to live in the apartment we had over our garage, but he has gotten really sick and can't stay up there by himself anymore. Mom said she was looking for some home health care for him, so please keep him in your prayers that he will be as comfortable as possible. It can't be fun having to give up some of your freedoms. And prayers for mom that she can keep her sanity living with a man again lol.

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

It doesn't matter if people are interested. It's about you taking your stuff and shouting out into the void. ~Jadelr & Cristina Cordova

October 20, 2010

The Swing is Twisting

Remember the rush of wind as you flew through the air reaching heights no kid had ever been to before? Leaping off at the apex of your momentum? Holding on to the feeling like you were soaring through the air, imagining taking off and floating through the sky. What about the gentle ebb and flow as you chatted with your friend on the swing next to you? You swung in rhythm and then opposite each other. What about sitting there twisting your feet in the rocks or dirt. You know what I'm talking about. You were just taken back to the school yard when you were 8 years old or sneaking into a park with your friend when you were supposed to stay in the yard.

Perhaps that was just me.

What about that moment when you start to twist the chains above your head? Fun right? You spin and spin until your toes cant touch the ground anymore, and then you tuck your feet under you, hold on tight, and get ready to unwind. Its fun. Its a moment of being out of control. But then you can't stop the twisting. You've had your fun, and now your body is lashing around like a toy. You slowly bring yourself to a stop and commence to gentle twisting, just one or two turns, not the whole thing like you did the first time.

In the past 2 days I have lost 3 readers. Not fun. That would be the twisting out of control mode incase you were wondering. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things (pun intended) but its more like being in the last stage where I can't really control the twisting.

Last weekend I was invited to a castle with a family from church. That was a big step for me, I went by myself without anyone else there! Of course my first instinct was to decline the invitation and come up with some sort of excuse, but rather I fought myself and I went, and I had a blast! They were having a medieval festival too, so it was really neat!

Lets see, last weekend I also went to the Chemnitz Niners game with a group, Stephan, Sven, Steffi, and Karen (Karen missed the memo of needing a 'S' name!). I blogged about this a little last year when I went to the game, it was a lot like high-school basketball in the states. The guys play with heart (if that tells you anything about the game itself!). This game was pretty intresting though, we were down nearly 30pts at half time and then they came back and fought and won by 3 pts! It was great! I really enjoyed the game and getting to hang out with the group!

This week is kind of slow, I have been trying to re-contact my readers and get back into a schedule with them. That being said, I've had lots of time around here, so I have been getting caught up on some reading. I got behind on the world religion study while I was in the states so I have been trying to get through that and keep up the same quality of work. I would like the notebook to be something I can keep and use as a reference later which means I need to go through the book accurately and make sure and get it right. I have also been reading the new Max Lucado book, Out Live Your Life as well as another I will be doing as a personal study with Isabell soon.

That is all the news I have from this side of the ocean. Hope all is well with you all. Have a wonderful and blessed week!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it but you can spend it. Once you've lost it, you can never get it back. ~Harvey MacKay

September 27, 2010

Heading Back

Good byes suck big time. Just in case ya'll were wondering. On a better note, it was great to see everyone and spend time with folks!

I am also excited to get back to work! The Vienna group from OC will be in Friday and we will start sorting and packing clothes for Bulgaria! I get back in on Wednesday and Larry said Karen and I should be able to move in then! It wont all be done yet, but enough that we can live in it!

Please keep the rain in your prayers too. The fire department came around in Chemnitz and was giving a pre-pre-flood warning. That said, the creeks were up and Larry went to buy some sealant for the doors.

Thats all I have for now! Ill try and update next week!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

We think in generalities, but we live in detail. ~Alfred North Whitehead

September 20, 2010

Reverse Culture Shock

There have been a few moments since i've been back when I have had some reverse culture shock.

My first night back, I went to walmart and looked up and down the drink isle for about 5 minutes until I realized that really was the size of the sodas. The next day I held on to my dads recliner for dear life as I sunk down into it! That evening at church I kept trying to shake peoples hands. I defiantly said "guten appetite" after the prayer a few times.

I was taken back the other day, a pleasant surprise. I was out at the lake fishing and lady (my dog) was wading around not far from me. The circkets were chirping and the wind was blowing on a beautiful oklahoma evening. I realized how absolutly amazing it was. How simple life can be.

Life is simple and pleasant in different ways all over the world. The evening at the lake is a lot like coffee time in germany, just a time to relax and take everything in. Both different, yet very much the same.

I have enjoyed my furlough, it has been extremely busy but also very nice to see family and friends. Last night I went out and laid in the bed of a truck with some of my closest friends just chatted and star gazed for hours. Its moments like that when I wish I could bottle them and keep that moment in time just as it was.

At the same time, I went to my nephews cross country track meet last week and watching him cross the finish line i had to fight back the tears. It all hit me at once how much he had grown in the past year, he not only grew physically and got a deeper voice, but he gave his life to christ just a few months ago. To see the change in one short year just took my by surprise all at once.

Moments like that, while they are special, are very hard. Oh the emotional roller coaster of getting to see people you love. As much as I want to cherish the time I have with them, I also find myself doing a count down and thinking about having to say goodbye again.

Fundraising is going better. I have gotten a few more monthly donations as well as some more from memorial, there was a problem but we got it all figured out!

Have a wonderful week! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

So many faces in and out of my life; some will last, some will be just now and then. Life is a series of hellos and good byes. I'm afraid it's time for goodbye again. ~unknown

September 11, 2010


It has been great being home for almost a week now. It seems like time has already flown by so fast!
Here are a few pictures of friends from the past couple weeks.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Love is not blind- it seems more, not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less. ~Julius Gordon

September 6, 2010


Its hard to believe I head home tomorrow for 3 weeks. It hasn't really hit yet, oddly enough... Although I guess that is my personality, there is no preparing for the emotions, they just come at that moment lol. Its both a curse and a blessing!

Exciting update: Our new readers, Stephan and Cindy, they came to English Bible Study on Friday and loved it! Stephan (I read with him) told me he only came because Cindy made him come, I had to laugh at that, and of course thanked him for coming. He said he wouldn't sing though, if he started everyone would leave. I told him it was alright, he did not have to sing, he could just listen. The first song started and he and Cindy both jumped right in! After EBS he even asked for copies of some of the music for a friend who might be interested! He said it was nothing like what he was expecting and they want to come to the next one too!

To hear something like that is so absolutely amazing! Its a nice breath of fresh air! More like sucking in air as if you've been breathing smog for a while!

Movie Night tonight at 7, Wizard of Oz, and then catching the 5:30 train in the morning! OKC at 7:30 tomorrow night!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

There may be a time in life when one is tired of everything and feels as if all one does is wrong, and there maybe some truth in it- you do think this is a feeling one must try to forget and banish, or is it the longing for God,' which one must not fear, but cherish to see if it may bring us some good? Is it 'the longing for God' which leads us to make a choice which we must never regret? Let us keep courage and try to be patient and gentle. And not mind being eccentric, and make distinction between good and evil." ~Vincent van Gogh

September 2, 2010


I leave Tuesday to head home for my 3 week furlough. Im pretty excited... to say the least!

Working for the Lord is great, please don't underestimate that, however missing important milestones for those that are close to you are very hard as well. I am so very excited to get to see my friends and family.

Joel and Kendra made it in safely on Monday, they are staying with the Sullivans while they look for an apartment in Dresden.

There is lots of exciting news with readers... where to start?

For LST this year, we made a GIANT yellow sign that said Lets Start Talking on it to use in years to come. After the info meeting, we pinned it up on the fence in front of the church. There is construction going on right now, and the stop light.... right in front of the church! We have gotten lots of calls and its great! We have a young couple we are meeting with that are searching for something to believe in! Right now we are working through the Luke books and doing an intense study of the major world religions, and Tiffany is doing a study with the girl about how to choose your faith. It is really exciting to read with people who are interested and want to know so much!

We got another call on Tuesday, and I met with her on Wednesday. A younger girl, 23, who saw the sign and wants to practice her english and is really excited to get to practice with us!

In other news, clean up here is going well. We are getting the insulation and sheet-rock up right now. They are coming to drill in the floors and suck all the water out from under the house next week.

The goal is to be all finished and ready to move in the week I get back from the states.

So, I think that is all of my news for the time being.

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

August 17, 2010

Cleaned Up

Greetings everyone.

Clean up is going very well. We are kind of at a stand still right now. Most everything is done we are just waiting on walls to dry.

For the time being, I am staying with the Rhodes. I leave for the states in 3 weeks, around 20 days, for another 3 weeks, so hopefully by the time I get back we might have a livable apartment.

All here is good, finally coming down off the adrenaline rush. We had another thunderstorm sunday night. Of course, shortly after midnight I awoke thinking I heard someone banging on the door so I jumped up and ran out to answer it, only to realize it was thunder I was hearing... so I lay in bed for another hour or so trying to calm down and drift back to sleep.

Morgan just left to go back to the states. I am getting ready to go back. Still trying to figure out how to shrink a PDF file to send out my last news letter, although its nearly time to send out another!

I think thats all for now. Slowly starting to meet with readers again today!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

You don't drowned by falling in the water, you drowned by staying there. ~Edwin Louis Cole

August 12, 2010


I really liked this today and thought it was applicable so I thought others might like it too.

Handling Burnout
The best time to deal with burnout is before you burnout.

In 2 Corinthians 4:1-18 Paul shares seven principles that will help you run the distance and last in ministry –

1. Remember God's mercy (v. 1): God has given us our ministries. We don’t have to prove our worth through our ministry, and we don’t have to wallow in our mistakes. You don’t have to earn your place as a pastor or leader in the church.

2. Be truthful and honest in all you do (v. 2): Maintain your integrity because integrity produces power in your life, while guilt zaps your energy. You need to finish with your character intact. Your integrity includes how you handle the Word of God. Don’t distort it or make it confusing.

3. Be motivated to work for Jesus’ sake, not out of selfish desires (v. 5): We need a right motivation. We should start as servants and end as servants, not celebrities. You need to learn to live your life for an audience of one, and that one is Jesus Christ.

4. Realize that Christians are only human (v. 7): We must accept our limitations. The quickest way to burn out is to try to be Superman. Humility is being honest about your weaknesses.

5. Develop a true love for others (v. 15): Churches thrive, grow, and survive when love endures. You must love your people or you won’t last in the ministry

6. Allow time for inward rejuvenation (v. 16): I have a motto -- Divert daily, withdraw weekly and abandon annually. You need to take time off to re-charge.

7. Stay focused on the important things, not distracted by momentary troubles (v. 17-18): Keep your eyes on the goal, not the problem. Only God who sees the invisible can accomplish the impossible. To be a winner in the marathon of ministerial service, we need trust God even when things don’t make sense. If we run from problems, we’ll never mature into who God wants us to be.

Be good and do good,

Sarah B

Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity. ~Bo Bennett

August 7, 2010

Blessings of the Body

Today was an exhausting day to say the least.

It started at 4 am with Larry pounding on the door. As I frantically ran around the corner to see Karen and Larry standing there, Larry was saying the water was about to come in.

We picked up as much as we could and got it as high as we could. Not good enough. Within an hour there was about 3 feet of water in the apartment. Total that morning was just above my waist.

The water started to go down around 8:30 so we headed back downstairs to start the clean up. By 9 all sorts of people were showing up! We worked all day until almost 8 pm cleaning out all of the water logged contents of our apartment and the sullivans house.

I have to say that it is and was such a blessing to be a part of a family, the body of Christ. We had people coming from everywhere to help! It would have taken us all day to do it with just the 7 of us (Larry, Pam, Morgan, Karen, myself, Roy and Tiffany) but we got it done in about 12 hours! it is truly a blessing to be a part of such a wonderful family.

be good and do good!

Sarah B

A tree is known by its fruits.

August 4, 2010


zoti qoftë lëvduar Albanian
هللويا الشكر لله Arabic
Алелуя Bulgarian
哈利路亚 Chinese
aleluja Croatian
aleluja Czech
Hallelujah Danish
Hallelujah Dutch
hallelujah English
halleluuja Estonian
hallelujah Filipino
Hallelujah Finnish
alléluia French
Halleluja German
αλληλούια Greek
הללויה Hebrew
हलिलुय Hindi
Алелуя Hungarian
pujian kpd Tuhan Indonesian
hallelujah Italian
ハレルヤ Japanese
할렐루야 Korean
Halleluja Norwegian
هللویا Persian
Alleluja Polish
aleluia Portuguese
Aleluia Romanian
аллилуйя Russian
алелуја Serbian
aleluja Slovak
aleluya Spanish
Haleluya Swahili
halleluja Swedish
คำอุทานสรรเสริญพระผู้เป็นเจ้า Thai
elhamdülillah Turkish
алілуя Ukrainian
bài hát ca ngợi Vietnamese
haleliwia Welsh
כאַלאַלויאַ Yiddish

a shout or song of praise to God.

Its nice to know no matter the language, the meaning of the word is the same.

Be good and do good,

Sarah B

Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind it. ~Ralph Waldo Emmerson

July 31, 2010

Coffee Time

Coffee Time is a daily honored tradition in Germany. Each afternoon, around 3, everyone takes a little break and enjoys a cup of coffee.

I like coffee, I am not a person that has to have it every day, but I do enjoy a good cup of coffee. More, I have found I like coffee because generally while drinking coffee I am with a dear friend, family, or someone who is important to me in some way. It is the quality time I get to spend with this person that makes me enjoy the coffee its self.

I say all that to say that I have come to really enjoy the daily coffee breaks! It is a nice pause in the day to just shoot the breeze.

Today is a lovely day, we are having coffee out on the terrace and I am looking forward to it!

The weather here as started to cool off once more, we had about a month of "summer" and now it is fading back into fall. The current temperature is 74, which is great!

Ill try and post a picture of coffee time if I can remember to take my camera!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Live life fully while you're here. Experience everything. Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, be weird. Go out and screw up! You're going to anyways, you might as well enjoy the process. Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes: find the cause of your problem and eliminate it! Don't try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of being human. ~Anthony Robbins

July 23, 2010

Productive Day

Today was pretty busy. We have had storms the past few days, so I haven't been sleeping that well. Thunder used to not bother me... but apparently I'm not used to it anymore so every little rumble wakes me up! Im a bit sad about that! Anywho, I had a reader at 10 here at the house, one of the older ladies that I really enjoy reading with. She always has great stories and insights to share.

After her, I ran to the bakery and bought a sandwich for lunch and picked up some fruit for my next readers and headed off to the church. At 11:30 we (Tiff and I) had our new readers come. We had a great reading session and just a good time talking. They are a young couple, 23, and are very open and interested in the Bible.

At 12:30 we parted ways, I stayed at the church and cleaned up a bit, my next reader was 1:15, so I had lunch and then pulled a few weeds in the extra few minutes. I met with Kerstin then, we had another good reading. We are moving out of the gospels now and getting into Acts and Romans.

At around 2:30 I went of to the Rhodes house and we talked about the winter trip we are planning. We are shooting for a week long trip with the young adults in the congregation. We aren't sure on the details yet, it will be another month before we can have it nailed down for sure and get some prices. Looks like it will be fun though, we are looking at France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland for some of our stops. We have 3 possible routes planned out now, we will just wait and see on prices for each.

After that meeting I came back and checked in with Morgan. It was nearly 4 then, so I came back to the house to answer some emails. I relaxed for a bit, catching up on the news (which I usually do at lunch everyday) and some Law and Order. I made a plan for the weekend as far as the menu. Mopped the house then a quick trip to the store while the floor dried then back to fix a bite for supper. Cleaning out the fridge and about to vacuum the house! The end!

Its nice to have a full day! I feel productive on those days! My next project is the garden at the church, it has some crazy vine that has covered everything! Next week I will be fighting with the vine. Until then, the battle with the slugs continues!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

If you are not making the progress that you would like to make and are capable of making, it is simply because your goals are not clearly defined. ~Paul J Meyer

July 20, 2010

A Good Laugh

There is nothing like a good, slap your knee, cant catch your breath, laugh! Good times! I didn't get that good of a laugh, but never the less it was an unsuspected one which is just as good as far as I am concerned.

Ive been trying upload photos for over a week now, it just takes soooo long! ill just save you all the time, check facebook, they are all on there!

Yesterday was a good day. I met with a reader at 10:30 downtown and then had some free time so I took some fruit and flowers to one of the older ladies in the congregation. Grabbed a bite for lunch downtown and then back to the church for a reader at 2. I came back to the house and had coffee with Joseph and Morgan at about 3:30 and we chatted til nearly 5. Around 6 i went back up to the church and weeded some, then bible class at 7, back to the house by 8:30-45. Chatted with folks, played a game of monopoly online and went to bed. Good day!

Today and tomorrow look to be a bit slower. Friday is pretty busy though, already have 3 readers scheduled and I have 1 more im working on for Friday.

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

I really do believe I can accomplish a great deal with a big grin, I know some people find that disconcerting, but that doesn't matter. ~Beverly Sills

July 16, 2010

For You I Will

I wouldn't do this work for anyone but the Lord.

Be good and do good.

Sarah B

This is a song I heard my freshman year during the World Missions Workshop. It stuck and I have always remember it. It was shortly after this that I realized I had a calling to help people and made people my passion.

If you say say go, we will go.
If you say wait, we will wait.
If you say step out on the water
And they say it can't be done
We'll fix our eyes on You and we will come.

Your ways are higher than our ways
And plans that you have made are good and true
If you call us to the fire
You will not withdraw your hand
We'll gaze into the flames and look for you.

July 12, 2010

I Don't Know How To Sing...

I went to Leipzig this weekend for worship on Sunday. Morgan, Sven and I all rode the train over and met Mark and Karen there. They had an LST walk in not long ago, a lonely woman. She is from Russia and doesn't really have any friends. She recently starting reading some of the LST material. She came to worship Sunday night.

We started off with some songs, and as we picked up the EBS (english bible study) folders that we sing out of, I realized there were not enough for everyone (all 6 of us!) to have one, so I scooted closer to her so we could share. She said, "No, I'm not going to sing." It took me off guard, so I said ok, and settled back into my chair. Karen asked her, "Why don't you want to sing?" "I don't know how to sing..." Then of course Mark piped up, "Thats ok, I don't know how either!" And we all got a good laugh and so she decided she would try.

We started to sing a few songs, and we also had a few english hymnals. We were singing, "Oh God, you are my God, and I will ever praise you.... step by step you lead me, and I will follow you all of my days" Well, the way the song is written, you sing the first 2 lines, the chorus the 3rd line and then the chorus again. Of course, our new guest didn't know this. We also didn't have a real song leader among us. So when it was time to transition to the next line before the chorus, we all kind of waited to see who would start it off. Keep in mind this was maybe a second at most- but our guest, she just kept right on going with the chorus! Of course we all immediately jumped in and just went with it!

Wow! here is this woman, who has just walked in and hardly knows any of us, says she doesn't know how to sing, and she is singing the gospel songs that we have heard all of our lives as we all sit there. I have to admit, I felt a bit, I don't know, ashamed isn't the right word, just disappointed in myself I guess.

Its different being in Europe, in the states, if someone doesn't know something biblical, including myself, you don't announce it, you just do your best to figure it out and then maybe ask someone on the side. But not here, people have no reservations asking questions and wanting to understand! Its truly amazing!


Be good and do good,

Sarah B

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, "who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?" Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people wont feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. ~ Marianne Williamson

July 8, 2010

World Cup Fever

Just to state the obvious, soccer is HUGE here! While Germany put up a good fight last night, they did indeed loose to Spain. However they did make it to 3/4th place which is still pretty neat!

That said, I am on my way out in a bit to purchase Germany shirts. They are on sale right now, and they will go away never to be seen again before I leave. Germany is not big on national pride, it is still kind of embarrassing for some of them, so they dont fly flags or wear shirts that have the littler german flag on it. Not even striped socks or ties with the colors... which may seem odd... but it makes sense. Crazy crazy. So, im going to get the germany stuff before it is gone.

In other news, everyone and their mom is gone. Morgan and I are here alone, together :). She is staying at the sullivans and I am here. The Rhodes get back next week, and then Karen the week after.

Yesterday I met with #2 of the 3 new LST contacts. He wasn't to excited about the BIble aspect of what we do, but he was very interested in practicing english, so maybe he will come to some of our english activities!

Things are starting to pick up again, readers on and off throughout the week! Morgan and I are going to Gisela's today for coffee which is always exciting!

Sven and I had a conversation last night about when to give up- when there is no more home. While we were watching the game of course... I like to think there is always hope. There is always a chance. Every little bit you can do, it helps! It makes a little difference for that one person. So, no matter the size, if we see a need, we fill a need.

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ~Margaret Mead

June 25, 2010

New Contacts

3 new LST contacts in 2 days!!!! Two via email and one via phone call. One guy, which Larry and I met with today, saw the poster at the university, one found an info meeting flier and wrote to see if we still had anyone here, and the other called from the giant sign hanging on the church fence!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Experience is the name everyone gives their mistakes. Oscar Wilde

June 21, 2010

Bye Now

The season of good-byes are upon us now. The LST teams left today. Morgan comes in tomorrow and I am SOOOOOO very excited to see her! The Rhodes leave wednesday to go home on furlough for 3 weeks. Then thats all for this week. Karen leaves next week and then the Sullivans the week after that. Crazy crazy!

Things here are slowing down a bit. Everyone, I do literally mean everyone, is going on holiday somewhere which means I have no readers at the current moment. Sad day I know. I do have 1 appointment this week, Friday with an LST follow up that I read with when I was here 2 years ago.

All is well here though. Its been kinda rainy and cold lately, which of course makes me lethargic. I hope this gets better before winter gets here again- or Im in for a very long depressing winter lol. I will defiantly be buying some vitamin D when I am home so I can stock up for winter and be happy again! Yay happy!

Thats all folks! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

The character of a person lies not in what that person reveals to you, but in what they do not reveal. So then to understand a person, listen not to what they say, but what they do not say.

June 15, 2010

Jesus came back?

I was with a reader yesterday, Silke, she is one of my trickier readers! She has some bible knowledge, she went to bible class as a child with her grandma but never really took it any further. That in mind, she knows a lot of the main stories. Yesterday we finished the book of Luke.

At the end, she closed her book and looked at me, "Sarah..." "Yes Silke?" "Jesus came back?" "Yea Silke, he did!" "Ive never heard that before.... I know he died, but then I thought he went away." "Well, it was something like that Silke, but not quite. Thats what makes Jesus special, he came back after he died, and he visited people, those people started to write it down, and that is what we are reading now, their stories of Jesus' life." "I dont understand, I dont remember this from bible class... what else happened?"

Oh man you don't even know the excitement! I handed her the Acts book and told her for the next few weeks we would read through the text of Luke one more time, and then we would start the Acts book which picks up after the Luke story ends! Man this is exciting!

With that said, immediately after that Ceili and I had our last time together yesterday too. She leaves to fly back to Oregon on Thursday morning. She said her host sister is interested in keeping up her english so hopefully we can get her started with one of us reading too! It was sad for our last reading though. We finished Lee Strobles A Case for Christ. I know Ceili liked this book better than the last few devotional books we have tried. She learned a lot, as did I!

There is the update! Things here are busy busy! The LST team leaves on Monay, Morgan gets here Tuesday, the Rhodes leave Wednesday, Karen leaves a week alter, and the Sulivans leave the next week! Crazy crazy!

Please continue to pray for funds- they are getting better but still not wonderful. Right now I am trying to get enough to get through September. The main things are student loans, rent, insurance, and living expenses (ie food lol) which added up is about 1000 per month and I am getting 600 right now with monthly donations. I have tapped into my personal savings and that is gone so Im just scrapping by for the time being.

Have a wonderful and blessed week! Be good and do good!

I am trying here to prevent anyone saying that really foolish thing that people often sat about Him: "I'm ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don't accept His claim to be God." That is the one thing we must not say. A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic.... or else the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God: or else a madman or something worse. You can shut Him up for a fool, you can spit at Him and kill Him as a demon; or you can fall at His feet and call Him Lord and God. But let us not come with any patronizing nonsense about His being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to! ~C.S. Lewis

June 11, 2010


Last year for my birthday, my good friend and roommate gave me a book, Praying through the Bible. I was excited to start it... but alas like so many other books it sat on my shelf. When packing to come over, I told myself I would start it, so I brought it! I started it for a few days and then.... off it went!

Recently I have started To Busy Not to Pray but in the first three chapters I was surprised at how little it was actually suggesting prayer. I believe the prayer comes in chapter 4, so no worries, but still. Anyways, I remembered that I had this book setting neatly next to my bed and asked if she would be interested and she was! So for the past week, everyday, I have been typing up the day devotional and prayer and emailing it to her.

I just have to say, prayer is a vital and invigorating part of the Christian life! Its always been hard for me to "sit and pray", I am a think about it and pray about it kind of person, it happens spontaneously and it has been interesting getting into a new format of prayer. Good, dont get me wrong, I dont think once can pray to much!

If you havent prayed today, go ahead and stop reading and pray now :)

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

It is not enough to begin to pray, nor to pray aright; nor is it enough to continue for a time to pray; but we must patiently, believingly, continue in prayer until we obtain an answer. ~George Muller

June 5, 2010


This week a lot has been on my mind, but what I have been thinking about the most has been the blessings God has granted me. I am here, in Germany, with the opportunity to serve him! We have a God who loves us, who wants to be in fellowship with us, and I get to not only be in constant communication and fellowship with God, but I am hopefully planting seeds for others to have that same opportunity! WOW!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

You are not discovering yourself, but creating yourself anew. Seek, therefore, not to find out who you are, seek to determine who you want to be. ~unknown

June 2, 2010

Back Again

Sorry its been so long! My computer crashed a few weeks ago and I'm just now getting back up and around! I did however loose everything, which is a real bummer, but so goes life!

I need to write another newsletter! I literally had my last one made, and company came over so I didnt make the mailing list yet, I was going to send it after everyone left, but alas the computer didnt make it til then!

Things here are going great! The LST team is going wonderfully! We have a team of 2 in Chemnitz, and a team of 3 in Leipzig. Lots of new contacts this year which is really exciting! I'm looking forward to the follow-up!

So thats it for now. I'm in serious money crisis mode right now. Things are not going well! I am out of money now, going solely on monthly donations. I need at least $1000 to pay all basic bills and nothing extra and this month I got 900. I have some savings and am using what I can but man money sure does suck!

I love what I'm doing, please do not get me wrong, but sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to be working and making money myself. Asking people is not one of my strong suits and has been a huge humbling experience. I hope I never have to do it again!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity, ~ Albert Einstein

May 12, 2010

Lets Start Talking

The LST team made it in last night- we have Emily and Jacob Holloman this year. Jacob was here with LST last year, this is Emily's first time in Germany. Our information meeting is tonight, please pray that we will have a good turnout of possibly readers!

Things here have been busy getting ready for the LST folks to get here. Its kind of weird, thinking that was me 2 years ago. I like it though.

I had an uh-oh moment last week. It was Mothers Day, and being the good daughter and granddaughter I am I ordered my mom flowers and my grandma a candle. My grandmas candle said something like, "Miss you love you, see you soon" something to that extent.... problem: See You Soon... Not a good thing to say to someone who didn't want you to leave! I have been the completely random one in my family that will show up on special occasions, birthdays, holidays (mothers day), unexpected to say hello. Anyways, apparently I got my grandma's hopes up that I would pop in for a visit. She had seen on my facebook status that I had moved my plane ticket (to Sept 7th) and then got the card that said see you soon, so she was hoping I would show up! I called that afternoon, and she kept asking me, "Where are you?" I was very confused at first and then I remembered, I would sometimes just hop the fence and sneak in the backdoor and be sitting in the living room when she walked by, or sometimes I would wait at the door and call and tell her there was a surprise at the door. Once she really understood I wasn't there anywhere, I could hear the disappointment in her voice and then I remembered.

Just made me a bit homesick, I love being able to surprise people like that, and for them to expect it and me not be able to follow through just kills me. Alas, it wont be long and I will do it again, but never the less it makes the current time that much harder.

So there is my update- LST starts tonight, readers are slow right now, everyone is on Holiday or getting ready for Holiday so I only have a few appointments this week.

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea. ~ Antione de Saint-Exupery

May 10, 2010

2 Years

Its hard to believe that I was here 2 years ago! Sunday we celebrated Mothers Day, which was the first weekend I was here for LST 2 years ago. Its crazy to think of everything that has happened in the past 2 years.

The LST team comes in tomorrow, hopefully the ash cloud won't be a problem and they will get here as planned!

Yesterday I went to a baptism coffee, one of my friends had her baby baptized, and there was a coffee that afternoon. It has been interesting seeing some of the traditions here. It was nice to sit around a living room and listen to everyone sing and celebrate together. Made me miss my family some, but at the same time it was comforting to experience such a loving family too.

Maybe this is because im from a small town in Oklahoma, but I always knew that there were people all over the world. They function, just like everyone in Oklahoma does. Its just weird at times, different. Not wrong, not good, just different. The differences are nice.

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Its not hard to find the truth. What is hard is not to run away when you find it.

May 6, 2010


I am really not a fan of money. It seems to dominate not only my thoughts these days, but also my dreams apparently. Good dreams though, for the past few days I have been having dreams that I am fully funded! Great! However... I'm not, and then reality hits! Uhhh money!

Im torn at times, do things as I normally would, or dont do things because they cost. Tomorrow for example, I am visiting my friend Janine in Dresden for brunch. That is a $20 ticket (well, euro) for the ride there and back, and then brunch, so about $30 total. In the evening we are doing dinner, and then after EBS we are watching a scary movie- so drinks, snacks, and salad stuff for supper. There is at least another 15. So thats almost $50 euro in 1 day. Small things, but I wonder, should I be going to visit Janine, should I be hosting movie nights and what nots if I can't really afford it? And then I remember, thats why im here! I am here to encourage my brothers and sisters, to provide fellowship with people, to share the love of Christ with folks.

Oh what a tangled web we weave. I know that was out of context, but it seems to fit it its out of context :). Saturday is cleaning at the church, and then singing, Sunday I have a coffee in the afternoon for Miriam. Monday is getting last minute things ready for LST and tuesday the LST team gets here! Crazy crazy!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

I'm going to a special place when I die. I always want to make sure my life is special while im here. ~Payne Stewart

May 3, 2010

Oh the Daily Life

Sometimes its hard being here. Sometimes. My brother is about to graduate from college, my nephew is marching in a big parade next weekend, my niece just turned 1. There is so much going on that I feel like I'm missing. At the same time however, there is so much that I am able to experience here. Tonight was our monthly English Movie Night. We watched The Pursuit of Happyness. Great film which of course led to a great discussion. We had a nice size group this time, we had 8/9 (Karen came in for the last 20 minutes and the discussion). We were able to have a great talk about what happiness is, how we reach, and what our obligations are to others.

Tomorrow we are going to hand out LST materials downtown. Going to be a fun day! I have readers in the afternoon and then working at the church building with Jan.

You know, I was making banana pudding this morning for movie night, and I was really worried about it as it was cooking. The instructions said to keep stirring for 20 minutes, and it had been 17 and the liquid was not getting any thicker. However by minute 18, it started to thicken and was just right on the 20 minute mark. Crazy! In life, we put everything together, and God has the recipe. I dont know about ya'll but after a while, I start to wonder if its the right combination, and then sure enough! Tada! God's a great Ta-Da'er!

Just my thoughts... Be good and do good!

Sarah B

To me, there are three things we all should do every day. We should do this every day of our lives. Number one is laugh. You should laugh every day. Number two is think. You should spend some time in thought. And number three is, you should have your emotions moved to tears, could be happiness or joy. But think about it. If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day. That's a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you're going to have something special. ~ Jim Valvano

May 1, 2010

Whew that was a busy week!

Last week was CrAzY!!!! There has been so much going on lately and so much that is about to happen it is literally a whirl wind!

Friday I met with a new contact, Evelyn, she is 27 and has traveled all over! I am excited to get to know Evelyn, she seems to have a great spirit and is open to the message! She said she believes in God, but doesn't believe God is lives in a building so she has never gone to church but she reads and studies some on her own. Im looking forward to our time together, we seemed to really hit it off last week! She is coming to read on Monday and then staying for dinner with the Rhodes and I, and then staying for Movie night! We are watching Pursuit of Happyness, which is always a great film anyways!

Today was May 1st, which used to not mean much to me, other than finals should be done! May 1st in Germany though, is May Pole day! You know, the pole that goes up in May! They do that here! At around 1 we went around the corner and the parade started of the schools and some of the community businesses and what nots, bands ect. We walked along with the parade up the street, to where the May Pole was being put up. Around 2 the started to put the pole in, which was made by our neighbor who is a major craftsman in this area. After that we walked home!

Each community does their own thing, if they do anything at all, but we happen to live in a pretty close neighbor hood that has kept up the tradition! It was a great turn out! After that we came back and had coffee out on the terrace and then grilled for supper!

Tomorrow is church and sport. Monday will kick start the crazy-ness again. Im going to get another round of letters to go out. Funds are still in a high risk area.... I needed 15 commitments of $100 and I have gotten 3 personal commitments so far which is great! So I still need 12 commitments from churches or people so im hitting the grindstone again on Monday and get some more letters out! The first round just made it to churches last week, so hopefully they should be reviewing the letter I sent within the next week or so. Please continue to pray for funds and that the means will come to allow me to stay here and continue the work!

So thats all for today. Just thought it was time for an update! Im glad the sun is back (for the most part)! The darkness defiantly took a toll on me, more so than I realized at the time! My mood has defiantly picked up and the homesick days are much better.

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference. ~Jane Goodall

April 27, 2010

Handing Out Cards

You have seen those people handing out fliers outside of a building before right? You kindly take what they hand you, and then walk off and drop it in the next trash can.

Today- I was semi-one of those people. The hander-outer not the thrower-awayer. Wr canvased downtown Leipzig with LST fliers and cards.

Putting up fliers was harder than I imagined- we had the pull tab fliers with numbers and emails. Most people wouldn't let us put those out. However I found a method that seemed to work pretty well to hand out the cards!

I would approach people with a confused face, "Sprechen Sie English?" which means, "Do you speak english?" . Most would take sympathy on me, and say yes. I would then pull out the card from my pocket- and immediately read their face. I would then attempt to explain that we had 6 university students coming from the states that would be here for 6 weeks and wanted to meet Germans and make contacts and they were offering free english conversation! At this point most people would start to shut down or back off- thinking it would cost something. I would then insert, "we have fliers (at this point handing them the card) with this same information, do you know where we can put up the fliers around here?" They would then be a bit more receptive and try to tell me where I could go. I would then ask if they were interested, stressing it was free and the students would only be here 6 weeks and most said they were or knew someone who might be and took the card.

This was not a fool proof method by any means, I got shot down numerous times! But we also got a lot of good leads so hopefully the Leipzig LST campaign will go amazingly well and they will have more people than they can handle!

Please continue to pray for both Chemnitz and Leipzig LST, next week we will cover Chemnitz with LST fliers as well!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Truth is more of a stranger than fiction. ~Mark Twain

April 25, 2010

April 24th

April 24th has finally come and gone. For about 2 weeks straight now, I have for some odd reason, thought it was April 24th!

We had a busy weekend! The singing concert was Saturday, we had 114 people at the concert which was great! Hopefully we will get some LST contacts out of it! This afternoon I was invited to a friends confirmation party. Confirmation is what the 14 year olds go through in the evangelic church here, most are baptized as babys, so at 14 they go through a class and take some tests and get to accept Jesus themselves.... Its a big deal here, so it was an honor to be invited! It was Steffi's little sister, Jessi. Just being at Steffis party a few weeks ago helped because I knew a hanful of the family, and then I have seen most everyone else there in pictures so I felt like I knew them too! They are such a loving family! Its so great to have friends like that here that bring us in and invite us to be a part of their celebrations! (Confirmation is one of the life mile stones here, you have your baptizing party when your little, your birthday parties, you confirmation party and your wedding so it is pretty special to be a part of it!)

So, that means the big kick off LST campaign is officially under way! Ads are running, free time is spent passing out fliers! I'm sooooo excited! Literally, im not exaggerating, I am excited to hit the ground and hand out invitations!

This week was really an amazing week! I finally feel like being here is significant. Ok, not that I didn't feel that way before, but the down time was REALLY killing me- like ive said before, idle hands are bad for me! However the weather has warmed up so working outside is do-able now! When I'm not prepping for readers I can work outside at the church or here at the sullivans! There is always something to be done! I love it! I meet with readers ever day of the week which always makes my day!

Lets see rough run down of this week:

Monday: Morning re-arrange my room and clean up for another bed (Morgan is coming in 2 months!!!!!); I have Silke at 2, Conny at 4 and then at 6 I am meeting the Rhodes and Yan at the church to work.

Tuesday: Hop the 9:30 train to Leipzig to hand out LST fliers. Do lunch with the Leipzig crew and the Rhodes; have supper with the Abercrombies and one of their contacts and come back.

Wednesday: Miriam and Tabita are coming for breakfast at 9 then I have a german lesson with Miriam after breakfast; team meeting; and then another german lesson with Marion.

Thursday: Laundry, baking for bible class and reading in the morning. Alfred at 2, Kerstin at 3 and then reading for Ceili, Ceili at 6 and Ladies Bilbe class at 7.

Friday: Haha Friday is an interesting holiday here, its Man's Day, well thats the best way to translate it. Ill be doing some research in the morning, I meet with Isabell to pick out a bible study on Friday at 2 and then back to the house to meet with a NEW CONTACT at 5! Ellen, one of the members here, was speaking with a colleague who said she wanted to practice her english and tadaaa! Friday night is free as of now....

Saturday is May Pole day. Yes, actual May Poles! Luckily, the area I live in is one that goes all out and is kind of known for their May Pole. Saturday there is a big parade and what sounds like a block party or street party for the neighborhood. It will be a fun cultural experience to see everything!!!!!

So thats all for now folks! Pictures to come soon! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity. ~General Douglas MacArthur

April 22, 2010

Whose name is in the tag line?

I know there have been a lot of posts lately, sorry about that, just things I feel need or should be shared.

We had our team meeting yesterday and of course we had to talk about funds. Where I sit today, I have $500 left in my overall account for this commitment. That is enough for 1 more month of me being able to pay basic bills in the states (ie student loans and insurance) but that leaves me no money here for rent, food, travel ect (and yes, travel is part of it trips to retreats, leipzig and dresden all of that none of which are horrible expensive but are nevertheless a cost of about 100 euro per month).

Anyways, I was thinking about why it has been so hard for me to ask people for money. Other than the fact it makes me HAVE to ask people (which those that know me know I hate with a passion asking for help because that means I can't do it on my own...) Anyways, I was thinking, ive raised thousands of dollars for Rotary, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Lambda, OC, a handful of organizations and causes before. This is different though. This is my name in the tag line.

In every other circumstance, I have been able to stand behind a name ie Rotary, BBBS, OC, Lambda, ect. Here, its just me and God. It puts a completely different spin on it. Just food for thought. I hated raising money for LST (oh yea thats another one!) because it was in direct correspondence with me, so what is it that repels that idea so much?

I mean, this is the one case where I should be going full force with no hesitation. I am raising money to help further the kingdom. That is so much more important than putting a bench in the park, giving kids mentors, or staying off probation (haha). Oh that stupid human part of myself that has a hard time letting go.

Thats all folks. Be good and do good

Sarah B

If money is the root of all evil, then what is the root of all money?

April 21, 2010

Where do you go to church?

I was sitting down just a few minutes ago, to catch up on my daily Bible reading and I noticed a little piece of paper in the crack of the maps in the back. I flipped back until I found the page again and pull out a little note, about half of a post it size piece of paper. Here is what it says:

Me: Where do you go to church?
Iz: I mostly go to a house church in wed. I go on Sunday to Bridegroom every now and then, where do you go?
Me: Del City C of C- want to come wed? Free supper!!
Iz: This week I need to be at mine, but next week?
Me: Your on!

Funny, but this little note took me back to the exact time and place I was when it was written. I was sitting in Vickie Wallace's Old Testament class. There were about 30 of us in there, and there was this freshman who sat next to me on the right, she always seemed so heavy... i dont know how else to put, like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. Anyways, we struck up a friendship, she had just lost her boyfriend either first semester or right before coming to school to cancer and was having a hard time.

Just a simple reminder of how much we matter to God, how much everyone matters, so that means that everyone should matter to us too. She did come, by the way. And shes doing good now, about to graduate actually. We never know the impact of anything we do, be there good or bad. A simple, "I do see you, and I do care" can go a long ways.

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Allowing the unexpected to happen is what helps fuel the fire in us all!

April 20, 2010

Leipzig EBS

Tonight I went to Leipzig to join them for their EBS (english bible study). I have been trying to make it for some time now, but with classes and readers I just couldn't fit the time in! I made it tonight though and I loved it!

Mark led a lesson over planting seeds, and then brought pots and seeds and we all planted seeds. There was only 1 visitor, Josh, a regular visitor that has been a Leipzig contact for years now, but nevertheless it was great! It was wonderful just to have fellowship.

Being here has defiantly opened my eyes to the way I live my life and the way I interact with the church. I was active in the church, but I wouldn't say it was a priority.

Not an evangelic priority anyways! I don't know exactly what i'm trying to say. I know I will be doing things a lot different the next time around!

Please continue to pray for funds.... I have 400 of the 2000 I need for June. I still need July and September as well..... The second round from Memorial will kick in around the end of September so that will carry me for a while. But these next few months will be crucial. Please continue to pray for funds, and if you know anyone (or church) that might be interested please don't hesitate to let me know!!!!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great! ~Orison Swett Marden

April 19, 2010

ESR & Buchenwald!

Okay so this will be a picture blog! The singles retreat this weekend was great! I met some awesome new people, I defiantly had a lot more fun this time! Not being jet-lagged actually gave me a chance to talk to people and participate in a real conversation! Here are a few pics from the weekend and a few from the concentration camp a few weeks ago!

There is one picture that says "Jedem das sein" that is the gate entrance to Buchenwald, each camp had some sort of slogan or saying on the gate- Jedem das sein literally translates "to each his own" but broken down, it also means, "you get what you deserve."

Be good and do good,

Sarah B

So long as we live among men, let us cherish humanity. `Andre Gide

April 15, 2010

So Much This Week

So much has happened this week I don't even know where to start!

I guess the beginning will suffice and we will go in chronological order!

Okay, so Monday I met with Silke, the one who could easily be my mom, we had a break through! We were reading about Judas' betrayal of Jesus and then the next lesson was about the passover when Jesus breaks the break and gives the wine. I think she finally understood that all of the stories we were reading went together! She made the connection that Judas was one of the people close to Jesus and that he had just betrayed (or done something really bad)! It was amazing to see her make that connection! Not to mention I was SUPER excited! She has been a tough reader, she knows how to answer but is not a believer and does not have much bible knowledge, but she can give me a bible answer, if that makes sense. She finally got it and gave a real answer on Monday!

Tuesday Ceili and I had a great reading in A Case for Christ. We talked about the reliability of the NT and the authenticity of Christ. Again, it was amazing to watch the wheels turn for Ceili. She believes and went to church and attends here, but has not yet made a commitment. To watch her learn and grow is great! We have some amazing conversations and she is really excited to get through this book and see what else she can learn! We are only 4 chapters in and we are having some great conversations and learning a lot!

Wednesday I talked to Lisa, my best friend from home who is going through a divorce at 24 and has a 2 year old little girl. To say the least, she is having a really hard time. We have talked about Christianity and church, she showed some real interest my freshman year at OC so I got her a Bible and encouraged her to read and ask any questions she had. It didn't take long before the topic was dropped, and in fear of pushing her away, I just let it slide for a bit. Anyways, when I spoke with her Wednesday I asked her if she had considered going to church, and she said YES!!!! She was just afraid to go alone, so I asked her if she would go with me when I came home and she said she would!!!! Of course, I encouraged her to go now, but she didn't want to go alone. Ive considered contacting some people at the church and asking them to go visit her, but I don't know how she would respond to that... im not sure it would be good lol. Maybe if they got to know her a little first, visited the place she works at, let her see they are normal people, and then have someone call or contact. Who knows....

Anyways woohooo!!!!

That brings us to today- thursday! Today was a busy day, I got up this morning and started baking for ladies class (lemon bars) and cleaning up the house. This afternoon I had Alfred and then immediately after Alfred was Maria. We had coffee and cake with Maria and listened to her play the piano some, she is an amazing musician! I'm kinda excited to introduce my mom to her! After Maria's I came back and got supper ready for Karen and I, we had supper and then it was time for ladies bible class. It went great, we are getting ready to start a new book which looks like will be pretty interesting!

Tomorrow I am going to Gesila's in the morning and helping her wash her curtains and put them back up, and then I am supposed to meet with Isabell so we can pick out a book to do a study with, but I might give her a call and move it to next week... Right after that we leave for the European Singles Retreat (ESR)! There are 6 of us from Chemnitz going, I'm very excited to get to see everyone and spend time with people!!! YAY!!!!!

So, thats all for this week! SOME AMAZING STUFF! God is good!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sail to ensure I always reach my destination. ~Jimmy Dean

April 13, 2010

Working Away

This is my first week without German classes in the morning. Let me preface this by saying I have a serious problem with being idle. I don't do well with idleness, bad things happen when I don't have anything to do! So, before I started taking German class I was a bit confused as to what to do with my time.

Now, however, time is a friend! With as many studies as I am doing with people, the free time is a nice break to prepare for each of these studies!

A run down of my day today:

Up and about by 8:30.
Breakfast at 9.
Caught up on the US news til 9:30 (I would like to know whats happened when I go back!)
Went over my calendar and collected the studies for this week until 10.
From 10-11 I prepared all of my LST lessons for this week.
At 11 I made some brownies for the afternoon.
From 11:30-1 I finished the brownies and read for my meeting with Ceili that afternoon.
1 was lunch.
1:30 I sat out in the sun and finished the readings (we did 2 chapters to make up for last week too) til 2:30.
2:30 I came in a got things ready to meet with Ceili and talked with Karen and her reader
3:15 Ceili came and we read until 4:30
At 5 I went up to the church to work.
5:30 Yan (pronounced yawn without the emphasis on the 'w') and Tiffany came at 5:30 and we worked until 6:20 when we had supper together at the church.
7-8 was Bible class.
8:30 Karen and I watched a movie together.
And here we are 2 hours later!

So a good day! Tomorrow looks just as busy with errands for later in the week! The European Singles Retreat is this weekend and I'm pretty excited to go! I went the first weekend I was here, I was still pretty jet lagged though, so I don't remember to much of it. Anyways, I am looking forward to meeting everyone again and hopefully remembering them this time! Chemnitz has a group of 6 going which is great! When I went in the fall there were only 3 of us, Karen, Janine and myself!

Please continue to pray for funds. I have mailed my next rd of letters out to churches. I am looking for 15 $100 per month supporters. That is totally a do-able number I just need the 15 commitments! Please continue to pray that God will open doors and funding will come in!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

I read a scripture tonight during Bible class, I have read it before, but tonight, it struck a cord, I thought to myself, "Self, I hope one day people will be able to feel this way about you. That you will be able to live a life worthy of the calling you have received." Anyways here is the scripture, read this, and ask yourself, "Would anyone ever say this about me? Can I say this about someone I know?" I hope so.

2 Cor 7:2-4 Make room for us in your hearts. We have wronged no one, we have corrupted no one, we have exploited no one.3 I do not say this to condemn you; I have said before that you have such as place in our hearts that we would live or die with you. 4 I have great confidence in you; I take great pride in you. I am greatly encouraged; in all our troubles, my joy knows no bounds.

April 10, 2010

Concentration Camp

I visited my first concentration camp yesterday, Buchenwald. I don't really know what to say about it. I am still trying to process it. It was not an extermination camp, it was a work camp but plenty of people still died there (the goal was to work them to death). I think the thing that got me the most was the "doctors office". New inmates would come in, and go see the doctor. If they were sick in any way or had already been tagged to die, while they were measuring them (one of those you stand under and the piece slides down on top of your head and then you step out) a slit would be opened from the next room and they would shoot them in the neck so they would never even see it coming.

I don't even have the words to describe.

I have some pictures ill put up later, don't worry nothing bad. If I didn't tell you it was a concentration camp you would never know, most of the place is in ruins there are only a few buildings stills standing.

On a happier note, today is Saxon singing! Tomorrow is church and then Joseph, who was a former AIM student in France somehow ended up in Chemnitz as an english teacher, is having his birthday and "come see my new apartment" party!

Oh yea, thats another german thing, when you move, you host your own open house type thing for people to come see your new place once your all settled! Kinda cool!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don't do anything about it. ~Albert Einstein

April 8, 2010


I celebrated my 23rd birthday in Germany. Such a weird feeling. I'm not a big fan of birthdays, i don't really know why, I just don't really like them and the intensity for this has grown over the years... anyways, yesterday i do have to say was a great day! It started with a lovely email from one my good friends in my inbox, and then we went to a castle later in the morning. We met up with Mark and Karen from Leipzig, Karen (my roommate), Tiffany and the Sullvans were all there too! We had lunch at the castle and then went through the museum and walked around a bit. Had a nice lazy day. After the castle we went and had ice cream down the road and then split ways to head back.

I got to talk to lots of friends and family which is always exciting. All in all, it was a pretty great day! A birthday to remember thats for sure!

Here are a few pics from the day!

Be good and do good!

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to blossom. ~Anis Nin

Sarah B

April 6, 2010


Easter weekend was a busy one!

Friday (which is a holiday, most everything was shut down) we had brunch with the Louks! That was defiantly a fun experience! I do have to say the Germans are very welcoming and willing to bring us in and help us get involved which is absolutely amazing! It is one thing to be here and live as an American, but it makes the experience so much richer when people bring you into their homes and invite you to meet their friends and family.

Thursday was my friend Steffi's birthday. In Germany it is tradition to throw your own birthday party. Steffis mom had called a few weeks prior and asked us to come on Friday as a surprise for Steffi. Steffi hosted coffee on both Thursday and Friday and usually you have a meal with family and friends, which was Friday night. Steffi again, invited us to coffee on either day, but we never responded to which we would come to (because we were a surprise for Friday night!). Anyways, we went Friday night for coffee and supper! It was great to spend time with Steffis family! Miriam also came with Tabita (Tabitha) and Alex was there. After supper and family had gone home, it was Steffis folks, Karen and I and Alex and we all watched the video from when her parents came to visit her in the states last year (she spent a year in Philadelphia as a nanny).

Sunday was Easter, as I mentioned in my last post, Easter is a lot different here! I had a conversation last week with Silke about Good Friday and why it was "good" if it was supposedly the day Jesus died. Monday was also a holiday, no school and businesses were shut down. I haven't been able to get internet in the house for a while, I have to sit at the window and pick up the Sullivans internet, anyways Sven, one of the church members said he thought he could fix it. So he came over Monday afternoon and we all had coffee (Karen, Sven, the Sullivans and myself) and cake. Then Sven fixed the internet!!!!!

Monday night we had dinner together as a team and then watched a movie. which leads us to today!

Most of my readers for this week have canceled because it is a holiday so they are out of town or have family visiting which means my schedule is pretty free. Today I am getting caught up on basic stuff, newsletters fundraising, reading ect. Tomorrow we are taking a day trip for my birthday!!! Aka I am avoiding throwing my own birthday party because I dont really like birthdays anyways! Thursday or Friday Karen and I are going to take a day trip to Prague!!!!!!!! Karen was supposed to be in Italy this week, and invited me to go, but she got sick and I couldn't go because it was just to expensive. However she is doing better now and offered to do a day trip so we are shooting for Prague!

So there is the week in a nutshell! Please continue to pray for funds, I am mailing out the letters today! Oh, pics are of my brother and niece Addisyn at her first birthday party and plastic easter eggs which they don't have here!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

One person with a belief is equal to 99 with an interest. ~ John Stewart Mill