June 21, 2010

Bye Now

The season of good-byes are upon us now. The LST teams left today. Morgan comes in tomorrow and I am SOOOOOO very excited to see her! The Rhodes leave wednesday to go home on furlough for 3 weeks. Then thats all for this week. Karen leaves next week and then the Sullivans the week after that. Crazy crazy!

Things here are slowing down a bit. Everyone, I do literally mean everyone, is going on holiday somewhere which means I have no readers at the current moment. Sad day I know. I do have 1 appointment this week, Friday with an LST follow up that I read with when I was here 2 years ago.

All is well here though. Its been kinda rainy and cold lately, which of course makes me lethargic. I hope this gets better before winter gets here again- or Im in for a very long depressing winter lol. I will defiantly be buying some vitamin D when I am home so I can stock up for winter and be happy again! Yay happy!

Thats all folks! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

The character of a person lies not in what that person reveals to you, but in what they do not reveal. So then to understand a person, listen not to what they say, but what they do not say.

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