February 28, 2011


I'm starting to get all of the mixed emotions about going back. I'm excited to see those I love, but I'm also very sad to say goodbye to those that I have worked hard to build relationships with. Ehhh emotions like this suck big time.

In other news, I sent out my first resume last week and plan on sending out 3 more this week. I have 4 jobs I'm really looking at, so we'll see if I interest any of them.

I went to Leipzig yesterday for coffee and worship and man have I missed the singing! We had a big crowd last night, 13. Thats a big crowd for us. Anyways, the singing was great! I loved it! Its hard to describe a lot of things, and that is one of them. You never realize you miss something until you have it again, you know? Last night was one of those moments, we sing at EBS and during LST those were the weeks that got me through, but now they have become the norm. I don't know where im going with that.

Also, I have a friend Sarah that I was in club with at OC. She was having some problems last year and went to the doc, had high blood pressure so they admitted her to the hospital for 2 months and got it under control and she was doing well. She went back a few months ago for a check up and it was worse again and they found out she has some disease which I can't remember the exact name of. Anyways, she has 5% kidney function and is getting on the transplant list as well as having dialysis 3 times a week. If you could keep her in your prayers that would be great, she is not much older than me, im guessing she is 25. It has to be scary going through all of that at such a young age.

I told Ursula, my older reader that could be my grandma, that I was going back in April. She nearly started crying, she said she didn't understand, I was supposed to go back in September so I explained to her how everything works. It was just so sad :(. She went to Turkey right after Christmas, she was able to come to the Christmas coffee and meet my dad and cindy which was great, im glad she got to meet them (although she did insult my dads intelligence by telling him I was smarter because I knew 2 languages-which i would hardly agree with!). Anyways, she had just returned the week before and this was our first meeting since December. I was afraid I wouldn't get to say goodbye when I thought I was leaving in February.

Okay enough of that. I'm off to get ready to take on the world! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions. ~Oliver Wendell (I like that name, Wendell) Holmes

February 25, 2011

Hamburg & Lubeck

Here a few pictures for your viewing pleasure of my trip to Hamburg and Lubeck!

On a side note, I was meeting with Isabel yesterday and on the way there and back I was simply smiling at peoples. That might be a norm in the states, but not here. You generally don't acknowledge people you don't know. I have found some people respond with a smile and a head nod and then others turn around to see if I am acknowledging someone else! Its quite entertaining if nothing else!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for truth. ~ Benjamin Disraeli

February 22, 2011


Today I spent most of the day with one of the kids in the church, Kai. He is 10 I believe and a great little kid, reminds me a lot of my nephew Hunter. He came over this morning and we mixed up so cookie dough, then learned to play Speed. We did lunch, then came back for the cookie baking! In between the baking and cutting, we played rounds of Speed (a new favorite for ever German i've taught it to!). Once all the cookies were baked we headed out the door!

First we visited Omi # 1, we talked for a few minutes and had a quick bathroom brake. Then we were off to Omi # 2, she was in a hurry and kind of grumpy so we just dropped the cookies off and wished her a good day! Then off to Omi #3! We had a coffee date for 3. We sat and chatted and enjoyed coffee and warm milk. We chatted up about the weather and church family for an hour and then headed back to the house. After a few quick games of Speed again he was off to head home! Good day, very good day!

Its my personal opinion that doing something good for someone helps with all the other bad things in this world. That warm fuzzy feeling we get when we help, when we know we have done the right thing, thats a feeling that is meant to be shared. Everyone needs to experience that every now and again!

In other news I found a few more jobs I am going to apply for in the OKC area. Worse case, they say no, but its worth sending out and giving it a go anyways!

Thats all I have for now! Have a great week! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

I hope that while so many people are out smelling the flowers, someone is taking the time to plant some. ~Herbert Rappaport

February 18, 2011

Back and Kicking

Greetings! I made it back safely today. I had a great trip and really enjoyed both seeing the sights and meeting people.

Traveling like that makes me remember why I love people so much. I was able to experience the hospitality and kindness of people and to me that just shows more how great our God is!

Im back to work tonight with an LST appointment right before EBS and then hopefully a dinner with folks tomorrow night!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

The kindness I have longest remembered has been of this sort, the sort unsaid; so far behind the speaker's lips that almost it already lay in my heart. It did not have far to go to be communicated. ~Henry David Thoreau

February 15, 2011

Hamburg Day 1

Quick blog about my trip here and arrival: All went well, I was able to finish everything at the house that I needed to got my bags all packed and out the door on time! I was having issues getting money on my phone but alas I figured it out at the train station! Made all of my connections just fine. As I went through Berlin I defiantly understand why we got off at the Sud Berlin stop a few years ago instead of the main station! Thats okay though, I got off at the right one this time!

When I walked out of the station in Hamburg I couldn't get my barring on the directions which kinda helps when your trying to follow directions. It was snowing and cold and people everywhere so I hesitantly took my first taxi ever. Only when I told him where I was going he just looked at me, so I showed him the paper as he pulled away with the address on it and as we pulled into the street he started complaining he had been waiting 2 hours in line, 2 hours, to get someone. I took it as him venting. Then I realized all he really did was turn left and we were there. So, my first taxi ride 3.20 euro lol. I gave the guy a 10 because I felt bad but that could have been his point in complaining, it was late and an hour later when I walked back to the train station there were hardly any taxis left!

I checked in and grabbed a bite at an italian restaurant around the corner and watched as the snow fell on the little plaze and people scurried about. I had picked out the Cotton Club online, supposed to be the oldest jazz club in Hamburg so I set out to find it. An hour and a half later once I had been walking in the snow for 45 minutes and couldn't feel my nose I finally found someone who knew where I was going. This very nice couple walked me right to the door, they had been married in vegas and visited the states many times and were more than excited to both practice their english and help an american! Once I did finally make it in the club I had an interesting fellow come and sit by me. He was an older gentleman, professor-esk, with pepper gray hair and a cute old man hat and maroon scarf around his neck. He had a snazzyily dressed younger man with him, not sure who that was. Apparently this cute old man was a regular there and knew the band leader for the night. It was neat to watch the band warm up and get going, but then in talking to the old man I mentioned my parents were from baton rouge and I was very familiar with new orleans and jazz and he just ate it up! At the next brake he called his band leader friend over to talk to me who again was very impressed that I came all the way just to see his band play lol. I had a song dedicated to me in the next set, it was great, don't remember what it was called though. Then I left and it was sad, but it was late and I know in Chemnitz the public transit slows down significantly after 10 pm! After much confusion and again help from a local I found my way back to the train station and then my hostel.

And here we are day two! The end!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Its always an adventure if you look at it that way!

February 10, 2011


Lots of planning going on right now. Getting ready for the LST teams and finished the hand outs and signs and all that fun stuff!

The choir group has a concert next month and that will be a big push for LST.

Tuesday I leave for Hamburg and Im trying to be a good tourist and have my time roughly planned out so as to not waste time trying to find my way around and figuring out what to do. Ive found a few really neat places im excited to visit- take a harbor tour, visit the hamburg dungeon, there is a old jazz club just around the corner from my hostel! its going to be fun!

Sending our resumes is always fun. Nothing like baring your soul on a piece of paper and hoping it is adequate enough and waiting in limbo and then hoping that if indeed they do like what they see they (the company) are willing to wait.

I had a great meeting with Isabell yesterday, we just talked for nearly 2 hours. It was nice to not have an agenda, we usually work through the book we are reading, but yesterday we just talked.
Thats all I have for now. Be good and do good!

Sarah B

For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes. ~Dag Hammarkjold

February 6, 2011

Saying Goodbye

It is weird mentally trying to prepare to say goodbye to people I have worked so hard to form relationships with. I have slowly been telling people that I will be heading home in April, but it was announced at church today and it was a weird feeling.

I realized that I have around 9 weeks left and thats it. There is a lot to do in that time, starting telling my contacts, figuring out the best way to contact each person so they can be followed up with either by the intern coming in May, the LST team, or the HIM workers.

Im kind of doing a Hail Mary in a sense of trying everything I can and trying to make sure I get the most out of what time I have left.

Other than that, everything is going well right now. Movie night is tomorrow night, we are watching Inception and I think we will have a good turnout.

I will do my last movie night in April- I was thinking about showing, To Save A Life- any thoughts? It is pretty churchy, but it is also not. Who knows- I think im going to order it and have mom send it over and watch it again to see what I think.

Ah, I got my laptop fixed last week for free! Thank you Apple for your warranty! I was expecting to have to pay, but there was a chip on my keyboard which meant that it could be replaced under warranty for free! Its always exciting when you are expecting to have to pay for something and end up getting it for free.

Thats all the news I have. Readers are going well, finishing up the LST material for Leipzig and hope to have it finalized this week.

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Remember, no matter where you go, there you are. ~Earl Mac Rauch