February 15, 2011

Hamburg Day 1

Quick blog about my trip here and arrival: All went well, I was able to finish everything at the house that I needed to got my bags all packed and out the door on time! I was having issues getting money on my phone but alas I figured it out at the train station! Made all of my connections just fine. As I went through Berlin I defiantly understand why we got off at the Sud Berlin stop a few years ago instead of the main station! Thats okay though, I got off at the right one this time!

When I walked out of the station in Hamburg I couldn't get my barring on the directions which kinda helps when your trying to follow directions. It was snowing and cold and people everywhere so I hesitantly took my first taxi ever. Only when I told him where I was going he just looked at me, so I showed him the paper as he pulled away with the address on it and as we pulled into the street he started complaining he had been waiting 2 hours in line, 2 hours, to get someone. I took it as him venting. Then I realized all he really did was turn left and we were there. So, my first taxi ride 3.20 euro lol. I gave the guy a 10 because I felt bad but that could have been his point in complaining, it was late and an hour later when I walked back to the train station there were hardly any taxis left!

I checked in and grabbed a bite at an italian restaurant around the corner and watched as the snow fell on the little plaze and people scurried about. I had picked out the Cotton Club online, supposed to be the oldest jazz club in Hamburg so I set out to find it. An hour and a half later once I had been walking in the snow for 45 minutes and couldn't feel my nose I finally found someone who knew where I was going. This very nice couple walked me right to the door, they had been married in vegas and visited the states many times and were more than excited to both practice their english and help an american! Once I did finally make it in the club I had an interesting fellow come and sit by me. He was an older gentleman, professor-esk, with pepper gray hair and a cute old man hat and maroon scarf around his neck. He had a snazzyily dressed younger man with him, not sure who that was. Apparently this cute old man was a regular there and knew the band leader for the night. It was neat to watch the band warm up and get going, but then in talking to the old man I mentioned my parents were from baton rouge and I was very familiar with new orleans and jazz and he just ate it up! At the next brake he called his band leader friend over to talk to me who again was very impressed that I came all the way just to see his band play lol. I had a song dedicated to me in the next set, it was great, don't remember what it was called though. Then I left and it was sad, but it was late and I know in Chemnitz the public transit slows down significantly after 10 pm! After much confusion and again help from a local I found my way back to the train station and then my hostel.

And here we are day two! The end!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Its always an adventure if you look at it that way!

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