February 22, 2011


Today I spent most of the day with one of the kids in the church, Kai. He is 10 I believe and a great little kid, reminds me a lot of my nephew Hunter. He came over this morning and we mixed up so cookie dough, then learned to play Speed. We did lunch, then came back for the cookie baking! In between the baking and cutting, we played rounds of Speed (a new favorite for ever German i've taught it to!). Once all the cookies were baked we headed out the door!

First we visited Omi # 1, we talked for a few minutes and had a quick bathroom brake. Then we were off to Omi # 2, she was in a hurry and kind of grumpy so we just dropped the cookies off and wished her a good day! Then off to Omi #3! We had a coffee date for 3. We sat and chatted and enjoyed coffee and warm milk. We chatted up about the weather and church family for an hour and then headed back to the house. After a few quick games of Speed again he was off to head home! Good day, very good day!

Its my personal opinion that doing something good for someone helps with all the other bad things in this world. That warm fuzzy feeling we get when we help, when we know we have done the right thing, thats a feeling that is meant to be shared. Everyone needs to experience that every now and again!

In other news I found a few more jobs I am going to apply for in the OKC area. Worse case, they say no, but its worth sending out and giving it a go anyways!

Thats all I have for now! Have a great week! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

I hope that while so many people are out smelling the flowers, someone is taking the time to plant some. ~Herbert Rappaport

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