December 13, 2010

Leipzig Coffee

Coffee time is serious business in Germany. You don't mess with people's coffee time! Advent Sundays are even more special than regular coffee times, you invite over friends or family and spend time with them, generally on the Advent (4 sundays leading up to Christmas) Sundays.

Yesterday Leipzig hosted their Christmas Coffee. Unfortunately, Pam was sick and was not able to attend, but the Abercrombies, Larry and I were there. We had a great turn out, at least in my opinion, with around 13 people I think! An old contact from the missionaries who used to be in Leipzig came, a few current contacts came, a girl that came during LST this summer and a german who married an american that was in the area for Christmas came with her son! It was great!

I was thinking on the train ride back last night how neat it really is to see the transition going on with the churches here! Chemnitz is such a thriving church that is constantly growing and I would consider it to be a shining star in European churches. Chemnitz is in the process of being a complete church plant success! All of the leadership is now native, there are still Americans here, but not in major positions! In the next year it will be even more with Chemnitz able to stand with out any American missionary help!

At the same time, Leipzig is just beginning! Its neat to see believers coming together each week and others who are visiting to see what it is all about! Its such a blessing to be able to witness both churches taking off in their own ways!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Dum spiro, spero. ~Latin Proverb

December 10, 2010

Christmas Party

Less than a week and my parents get here!!!!

Things are starting to slow down a bit now, The Everhearts should be on a plane back to the states as we speak, all of Pam's family is home now. Roy's folks are still here til Tuesday.

Tonight I am hosting our Christmas party. We baked cookies last year and it was a blast! This year, we are starting earlier and baking cookies for those who are in the baking mood, but then we are playing dirty santa and watching a christmas movie of some sort.

Snow is still falling, daily. It warms up enough to start melting and then freezes in the afternoon and evenings and becomes ice and snow!

Thats really all the news here!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Those who don't know how to weep with their whole heart, don't know how to laugh either. ~Golda Meir

December 6, 2010

This Has Got To Be A Good Life

Things have been a whirlwind around here lately! Since I got back from furlough we worked hard to get the sullivans house finished for thanksgiving and all the guests. Thanksgiving has passed and we are halfway through the guests thus far.

The first advent Sunday we had a group over, Marion, one of the young adults at church wanted a coworker over to meet some of the folks from church. It went really well. Last week the snow hit and we got crazy amounts of snow! Last Friday I went to a christmas market in Schneberg with the Everhearts and Karen. That was a blast! Then Friday night we had a great turn out at EBS. Greta, one of the members of the LST team that came the year before I came came through for a weekend visit in Chemnitz.

This week things have slowed down a bit. Next week my parents come in on Thursday! I'm excited!!!

Oh, this weekend I also watched some of the kids from church! We went sledding Saturday with Roy and his folks, that was also my first time to go sledding! It was a bit terrifying, but also fun I do have to admit!

I think thats all the news updates I have for now. Things are going well, Christmas is rapidly approaching!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

If you can't do what you want to, do what you can! ~Lois McMaster Bujold