February 25, 2010

Look for a chance

I got my new book in the mail yesterday, The Unexpected Adventure, and I have already read about 1/3 of it. Now that may not sound like much, but you should know it takes the jaws of life to make me sit and read a book. I can handle audio books, but taking time to sit and read is like torture for me, I feel like I am wasting time. Knowing that, I am about 100 pages into the 300 page book!

We also voted on a new book for ladies class and we will be reading the same thing! I'm excited to not only read it, but then get to discuss it with fellow sisters!

I went to Munich the first couple days this week. I went for 2 reasons: 1, Lisa my best friend from home, asked me to go find a chapel that her grandparents were married in during the war. So first, I went to Leipheim to attempt to find this chapel. I don't know if I succeeded or not, I did indeed find a church but I have no idea if it was the right one. The 2nd reason I went was for a little break. I wanted to prove to myself I was and am able to get around even with communication barriers.

That afternoon I hopped the train from Leipheim to Munich and spent monday afternoon wondering around Munich. I, not thinking ahead, locked my map in my backpack which was in a locker in the train station, so I wondered around for a few hours not know exactly where I was. I found a really cool church, but it was not the one I thought it was. It was still really neat though! I ended up going literally in circles around everything I actually wanted to see!

That night I stayed with a young couple that are members of the church in Munich. They live in the building that the church owns, so I got to go see the church first thing tuesday morning. On a really cool note, the church has a sign at the UBahn station that lead up to the church. Considering that was a city issued sign for the church its pretty cool!

Tuesday morning, Brandon, the husband of the couple, showed me around Munich. I wanted to see a lot of the churches, I enjoy the architecture. Brandon defiantly helped me get to see everything that I wanted to. It would have taken me hours to see all the churches I wanted to see! It was great, there are pictures on facebook.

First thing wednesday morning I had a meeting with Klause! Klause was one of my favorite readers from when I was here with LST a few years ago. I was really disappointed when I tried to contact Klause for more LST when I got here and did not get a response. However, Klause saw the LST ad that was in the paper and he called the house wanting to start reading again! We picked up right were we left off! We are reading the book of John out of the NIV which is great!

One of the key points of the book i'm reading is to constantly look for open doors, and when you see them, to go through. That is what I have been trying to do recently and I challenge you to do the same. Don't just wait for the door to open, but actively look and check the handles!

On another note, my funds are in the hazard zone! I will run out at the end of March, so please, if you know anyone who wants to support a missionary please let me know!!!!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Quote: "If you wait to do everything until the time is right, your probably never going to do much of anything." Wil Borden

February 18, 2010


There is a picture of our class party and the Rocklett!
I'm not sure what oder the pictures are in, I can only see script links so im shooting in the dark.
I know there is one of Snickers exploring in the snow, one of a little creek in the park. The last one is our last card night!

I screwed up a few weeks ago. We got a call from the LST ad and had a meeting with this lady. When she showed up, she wanted to have nothing to do with the Bible. Keep in mind the LST material is all the Bible.... so I tried to reason with her, one lesson out of our book, and then some newspaper magazines ect. She didn't want any of that, she just wanted the newspapers and magazines, nothing about the BIble. I even tried to explain that we were not trying to "convert" her (she plainly said she was not going to change, which solicited my response) her, but the material was meant to generate conversation. Anyways, I pushed her. I tried to get her to agree to try 1 lesson a week for our first 3 meetings and if she didn't like it we wouldn't to it anymore and just read newspapers. She never agreed, but she did set up a meeting. The meeting was supposed to be yesterday, and she called to cancel. I'm just frustrated because I shouldn't have pushed her like I did.

In a case like that there are 2 roads to take, push her to try it, or let her not and do it her way and hope we can get her involved in church activities (only if we left out the "church" part...).

Another reason i want to read that book... should be in soon!

Oh, and I made plans to go to Munich on Monday! First trip by myself! I am staying Monday night with a church member in Munich, im pretty excited!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Personality can open doors, character keeps them open. ~ Elmer Letterman

February 16, 2010

The Unexpected Adventure

I just ordered a new book, The Unexpected Adventure, by Lee Strobel. I'm excited to read it, its about sharing your faith in evangelism. Note, I said I was excited to read it... thats important because I ordered 3 books before Christmas and have barely made it through half of the first one.... I'm not much of a reader! I enjoy learning, but I would much rather listen to an audio book than sit and read for hours. So hopefully I will be able to finish this one soon!

Sunday afternoon we went over to Simon's house. Simon is one of Karen's readers, she met him through a mutual friend, he needed to learn some more english for work so it was a good match. Simon's house was great! His wife was amazing, they have 3 kids, 2 older girls, teenagers around 16 and 13 and a little boy, 5. They were absolutely amazing. Their nephew, who was also around 13 was there too. We had coffee and then the older daughter read her english report for us, well, it was passed around and everyone read a line out-loud (karen and I had a bit of an advantage). Then the middle daughter played the keyboard for us for a little while. After that we went in and played on the play station, something along the lines of singing rock band... you sing against each other and it ranks you. We rocked out to some Cotton Eye Joe, Dusty Roads, and High School Musical! Great times :). After that we had stinky cheese! I have found an amazing new piece of kitchen equipment, a Rocklett! I dont know if I am spelling that right or not. They are amazing! We have had pizza on it with Pam, and Tiff and I took it to class for pizza with our class party, but we had true rocklett sunday! It is like a skillit on top and then a broiler underneath. You cook your meat and veggis on the top and melt your cheese under the broiler then mix them together on your plate! It was pretty cool!

This week and next are winter break for us. Our class is out (awww shucks!) I have readers every day this week, but I want to take a short day trip at some point next week. We (Roy Tiff and myself) have been trying to pick places. There is a castle I have been wanting to go see, Burg Eltze, google it! It looks pretty cool! Everything is covered in snow right now though, so i'm not sure if not would be the best time to go. I would just kinda like to ride and look at things, I love the train!

I have been trying to find time to make it down near Munich. Lisa, my best friend from home, asked me to try and find a chapel for her. Her grandparents were married over here during the war. Right before her grandpa left, he left a ticket for her grandma and said if she wanted to marry him to come over, and she did and they got married in a little chapel on a military base just outside of Munich. Anyways, Lisa has their wedding photo, and asked me, since I was over here, to try and find it and take a picture for her so the least I can do it try :). I think I will try that next week... which also means it would be my first trip to travel on my own.... AHHHH and YAY!!!!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

A man cannot discover new oceans until he has courage enough to lose sight of the shore. ~Andre Gide

February 14, 2010

Lack of Passion

When I became a Christian, I promised myself that I would not just be an everyday Christian. That wasn't what I had intended and that surely wasn't what God intended. Right?

I went to Del City through most of college, I started going my sophomore year and was hooked and never looked back. I loved it. I loved the idea of the church. Of the body of believers coming together to worship. One of the things that really drew me to Del (other than the amazing people) was the singing. I had visited a lot of churches. I church hopped all of my freshman year, and had been to almost every church at least three or four times, but the singing was never exactly what I was expecting. Side note, that was how I officially decided on OC too, I visited and people actually smiled and talked to me on the tour which was a huge plus, but then I went to View 63 that night and loved the singing. People were singing with their hearts, not just their mouths, and yes, you can tell the difference! Anyways, when I visited Del I found the same thing!

Being here has made me miss singing. Not that we don't sing here a lot, we do, I just don't understand any of it. The people sing with passion as well, it is not a lack by any means! However I do not feel like I am singing from my heart and therefor I feel like I am cheating on myself. I had a hard time when I was here on LST with that too. Not being able to truly sing. Its not that I can't sing the words on the page, I can, I just don't have a clue what they are. My heart isn't in it. This makes me unbelievably sad because I always felt like I tried really hard to keep sincerity in worship, and it feels like it has slipped away.

Its been a tough couple of months. But the sun is out today and the weather is supposed to get above freezing this week so hopefully some snow will melt!

I think im going to take a quick nap before our coffee and dinner this afternoon. One of Karen's readers has invited us over to meet with his family for coffee and dinner so that should be an exciting evening!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Quote: "When you have come to the edge Of all light that you know And are about to drop off into the darkness Of the unknown, Faith is knowing One of two things will happen: There will be something solid to stand on or You will be taught to fly." ~Patrick Overton

February 9, 2010

German Coffee....Literally

We have three older ladies in the church, we call them the Omi's which means grandmas in english. I have been to have coffee with one of them many times and two of the three are really good friends, so she is usually there. Well, usually I go with Karen or Pam.

I have been looking for more things to do, since readers and class don't fill my daily schedule (talk about a wake up call, going from working full time and being a full time student to not working full time and not being a full time student is a huge adjustment!) as much as I would like. Anyways, we asked the older ladies if there was anything I could do to help, do some shopping or help clean or anything. Well, one of them said for me just to stop by for coffee so I said okay I would, and we set up a date for Friday. I had to cancel because I had a meeting with a new LST contact on Friday at the same time, but we rescheduled for today.

I speak very little German. Enough to get by. They, the two that are good friends, speak no english. I went alone. Flowers in hand (it is customary to bring a gift when going to someone's house), I ashamedly arrived 15 minutes late because I got off at the wrong stop. Being late isn't common here either... people are pretty punctual, which usually as am I, however I get lost a lot.... Anyways, I made it! While I was walking up the way, I see two lovely old ladies peak over the balcony 7 stories up in a DDR apartment building and wave like crazy at me, i laugh and wave back!

The coffee went very well! It wasn't to hard to understand, and they both worked really hard to use simple words, which are the ones I know. There was a little pantomiming, and I had to pull out my dictionary a couple times, but over all it was a good time. I'm hoping in a few weeks to have them over for lunch.

Side note: I saw lots of pictures, one of which was a large photo of a trip they took to Jerusalem in 96. Keep in mind these ladies were around 70 then. They pointed out where they were in this group of around 100-150 people. The very back, everyone one was smiling and looking up at the camera. They were in the back striking poses such as the one above!
haha perfect! I hope im that cool when I'm their age!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Quote: The age of a woman doesn't mean a thing! The best tunes are played on the oldest fiddles! Ralph Waldo Emmerson

February 6, 2010

Parties Galore

Today was a busy day! The morning started with Pancakes at the Sullivans. We don't always get to do this, but we try at least once a month to do pancakes with everyone. Pancakes were delicious, we all had a great time together!

After breakfast I came back to the house where Karen was getting ready for Miriams baby shower that afternoon. I hopped in the shower while I had the chance before Larry got to work on the bathroom. Once I was done Larry was working in bathroom getting the shower installed (he has been remolding a second bathroom for me)! It wont be long before its fully functional! Im going to try and paint the ceiling some time this week! Anyways, Karen finished decorating the cake and then at 1 Stefi and Jessie came over to start decorating and get ready for the shower.

A bit of cultural information here, pregnant women dont tell what they are having to people so it is still a surprise! They know, and a close select few know, but thats it! So Miriam had her baby before Christmas and we just had the baby shower for her!

The shower went well, there was a nice turn out and Miriam and Tabita had a good time. There was a lot of german today thats for sure! It was cool to interact though, I was able to understand more than I thought I would.

Immediately following the shower we had a birthday party to be at at 6 pm. So literally people walked out the door, we put our shoes on and walked out the door to the next party! It was nice to spend some time with the young adults from the church. We went to this guys house, which is just around the corner from us, and had supper with him and then just shot the breeze for a little bit.

Another cultural tid-bit, you throw your own birthday partys here. You are expected to have a cake and coffee on your birthday for people to come over, then you throw yourself a party! So that was what we went to tonight!

This particular guy is in a band and has a lot of guitars and what nots in his house, he pulled one down and showed me how to play an F I think... maybe that was an E. I dont remember. Anyways, then we passed around the guitar and everyone played a little bit, even the ones who couldn't play (ahemm me). Then he played some for us. That was pretty neat! I really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow is church in the morning and sport at 5! Thats all folks!

Have a great Sunday! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Quote: The Bible is a pretty good book to get some inspiration from so here is todays: "But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanses us from all sin." 1 John 1:7

February 5, 2010


EBS (English Bible Study) went really well tonight! We had an amazing turn out, every seat was taken and we had to keep adding chairs as people came in!

Well, the LST ad has run now, and the calls still continue to come in. They have had to be sifted of course, there were a lot of calls wanting free english lessons from the start, which isn't really what we do, and others have wanted to have nothing to do with religion, and yet still others have been really excited about LST and cant wait to start!

Side note- good news 2 days and no headaches!!! yay!!!!!

Hope everyone is staying warm! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

The quote for this week will be a bit longer- I first heard this in the Kite Runner and i really liked it.

Who are we in the complicated world?

If we come to sleep, we are His drowsy ones.
And if we come to wake, we are in His hands.
If we come to weeping, we are His clouds full of raindrops.
And if we come to laughing, we are His lightning in that moment.
If we come to anger and battle, it is a reflection of His wrath.
And if we come to peace and pardon, it is the reflection of His love.
Who are we in this complicated world?
Melvana Rumi

February 2, 2010

A Blink in Time

Hey everyone,

Not much has been happening here, lots of snow.... and more snow! Winter is pretty slow around here, people don't particularly want to get out when its cold and icy.

Friday night we had a card night, that went really well! We had a lot of the young adults come which was really nice for all of us to get to hang out and have some fellowship together. We played scrabble and then about 2 hours of intense Uno. Saturday Sussanne came over and we had another scary movie afternoon! That was fun, this time we watched The Decent.... she is on a scary movie kick, not sure exactly why, but its a reason to hang out!

We had English Movie night last night, we watched Remember the Titans. Numbers were down this time, but thats okay. Hopefully we will have more for next months.

The LST ad has produced responses!!! We have 4 people we are meeting with this week about LST so please continue to pray that those meetings will go well and anyone else who is interested will follow up!

Sunday night I was Leipzig for worship. Larry gave the same service from Chemnitz that morning but in english this time, it was nice to hear an english sermon! I would have to say that has been one of the hardest things for me, missing the time of worship. I had a hard time when I was here for 6 weeks with LST with feeling deprived of worship time. I dont really know how to explain it, it is literally like going through the motions but if you dont understand it is really hard to feel like you are worshipping.

On that note- please keep me in your prayers. I have started to develop headaches almost on a daily basis for the past few weeks. I dont like taking medication, so when I absolutely have to I will take a tylenol or advil. I woke up with a migraine today, the 2nd or 3rd since ive been here, which is odd. I usually only get 1-2 migraines a year. So please keep that in your prayers, hopefully they will pass soon. It does not make german class very fun or easy when I'm trying to concentrate and my head is throbbing.

Winter break is coming up, so hopefully we will get to spend some time with some of the college students, Janine and Vanessa while they are home. That also means we (roy tiffany and I) get a 2 week break from german class!!!

Thats all I have folks! Hope you all are staying warm and safe! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

May passion fuel your every action. May you be consumed with an overwhelming desire to serve in love. ~Sarah B