February 18, 2010


There is a picture of our class party and the Rocklett!
I'm not sure what oder the pictures are in, I can only see script links so im shooting in the dark.
I know there is one of Snickers exploring in the snow, one of a little creek in the park. The last one is our last card night!

I screwed up a few weeks ago. We got a call from the LST ad and had a meeting with this lady. When she showed up, she wanted to have nothing to do with the Bible. Keep in mind the LST material is all the Bible.... so I tried to reason with her, one lesson out of our book, and then some newspaper magazines ect. She didn't want any of that, she just wanted the newspapers and magazines, nothing about the BIble. I even tried to explain that we were not trying to "convert" her (she plainly said she was not going to change, which solicited my response) her, but the material was meant to generate conversation. Anyways, I pushed her. I tried to get her to agree to try 1 lesson a week for our first 3 meetings and if she didn't like it we wouldn't to it anymore and just read newspapers. She never agreed, but she did set up a meeting. The meeting was supposed to be yesterday, and she called to cancel. I'm just frustrated because I shouldn't have pushed her like I did.

In a case like that there are 2 roads to take, push her to try it, or let her not and do it her way and hope we can get her involved in church activities (only if we left out the "church" part...).

Another reason i want to read that book... should be in soon!

Oh, and I made plans to go to Munich on Monday! First trip by myself! I am staying Monday night with a church member in Munich, im pretty excited!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Personality can open doors, character keeps them open. ~ Elmer Letterman


  1. Learn by doing, you'll know better next time. Maybe it would have worked out and maybe not. You try what you think will work. I commend you for trying!!! :-)

  2. Are there rules about that with LST?

  3. thanks for sharing about your work! We're proud of you and thankful that you're there.