February 16, 2010

The Unexpected Adventure

I just ordered a new book, The Unexpected Adventure, by Lee Strobel. I'm excited to read it, its about sharing your faith in evangelism. Note, I said I was excited to read it... thats important because I ordered 3 books before Christmas and have barely made it through half of the first one.... I'm not much of a reader! I enjoy learning, but I would much rather listen to an audio book than sit and read for hours. So hopefully I will be able to finish this one soon!

Sunday afternoon we went over to Simon's house. Simon is one of Karen's readers, she met him through a mutual friend, he needed to learn some more english for work so it was a good match. Simon's house was great! His wife was amazing, they have 3 kids, 2 older girls, teenagers around 16 and 13 and a little boy, 5. They were absolutely amazing. Their nephew, who was also around 13 was there too. We had coffee and then the older daughter read her english report for us, well, it was passed around and everyone read a line out-loud (karen and I had a bit of an advantage). Then the middle daughter played the keyboard for us for a little while. After that we went in and played on the play station, something along the lines of singing rock band... you sing against each other and it ranks you. We rocked out to some Cotton Eye Joe, Dusty Roads, and High School Musical! Great times :). After that we had stinky cheese! I have found an amazing new piece of kitchen equipment, a Rocklett! I dont know if I am spelling that right or not. They are amazing! We have had pizza on it with Pam, and Tiff and I took it to class for pizza with our class party, but we had true rocklett sunday! It is like a skillit on top and then a broiler underneath. You cook your meat and veggis on the top and melt your cheese under the broiler then mix them together on your plate! It was pretty cool!

This week and next are winter break for us. Our class is out (awww shucks!) I have readers every day this week, but I want to take a short day trip at some point next week. We (Roy Tiff and myself) have been trying to pick places. There is a castle I have been wanting to go see, Burg Eltze, google it! It looks pretty cool! Everything is covered in snow right now though, so i'm not sure if not would be the best time to go. I would just kinda like to ride and look at things, I love the train!

I have been trying to find time to make it down near Munich. Lisa, my best friend from home, asked me to try and find a chapel for her. Her grandparents were married over here during the war. Right before her grandpa left, he left a ticket for her grandma and said if she wanted to marry him to come over, and she did and they got married in a little chapel on a military base just outside of Munich. Anyways, Lisa has their wedding photo, and asked me, since I was over here, to try and find it and take a picture for her so the least I can do it try :). I think I will try that next week... which also means it would be my first trip to travel on my own.... AHHHH and YAY!!!!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

A man cannot discover new oceans until he has courage enough to lose sight of the shore. ~Andre Gide

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