February 2, 2010

A Blink in Time

Hey everyone,

Not much has been happening here, lots of snow.... and more snow! Winter is pretty slow around here, people don't particularly want to get out when its cold and icy.

Friday night we had a card night, that went really well! We had a lot of the young adults come which was really nice for all of us to get to hang out and have some fellowship together. We played scrabble and then about 2 hours of intense Uno. Saturday Sussanne came over and we had another scary movie afternoon! That was fun, this time we watched The Decent.... she is on a scary movie kick, not sure exactly why, but its a reason to hang out!

We had English Movie night last night, we watched Remember the Titans. Numbers were down this time, but thats okay. Hopefully we will have more for next months.

The LST ad has produced responses!!! We have 4 people we are meeting with this week about LST so please continue to pray that those meetings will go well and anyone else who is interested will follow up!

Sunday night I was Leipzig for worship. Larry gave the same service from Chemnitz that morning but in english this time, it was nice to hear an english sermon! I would have to say that has been one of the hardest things for me, missing the time of worship. I had a hard time when I was here for 6 weeks with LST with feeling deprived of worship time. I dont really know how to explain it, it is literally like going through the motions but if you dont understand it is really hard to feel like you are worshipping.

On that note- please keep me in your prayers. I have started to develop headaches almost on a daily basis for the past few weeks. I dont like taking medication, so when I absolutely have to I will take a tylenol or advil. I woke up with a migraine today, the 2nd or 3rd since ive been here, which is odd. I usually only get 1-2 migraines a year. So please keep that in your prayers, hopefully they will pass soon. It does not make german class very fun or easy when I'm trying to concentrate and my head is throbbing.

Winter break is coming up, so hopefully we will get to spend some time with some of the college students, Janine and Vanessa while they are home. That also means we (roy tiffany and I) get a 2 week break from german class!!!

Thats all I have folks! Hope you all are staying warm and safe! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

May passion fuel your every action. May you be consumed with an overwhelming desire to serve in love. ~Sarah B

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