January 24, 2010

The Weekend

Hey guys!

Well, the week went well, I had some great readings with folks! With my reader who is a non-believer we talked about the scattering of seeds, how some seeds fall on good soil, some on rocky soil, thorny and by the path. It was interesting to read this story with her because she was giving me classic "this is a church question, so ill give you a church answer". For example, one of my questions was, "who do you think would be considered good soil? What kind of person would that be?" and her response, "Well, you would be good soil because you believe." "Okay... and what kind of soil do you think you are?" "I dont know...."

So, I take another approach. "Okay, later in the story in verse ... it says "honest heart", what does it mean to have an honest heart?" and then the discussion took off! Thats what Im shooting for! I love those discussions! Sometimes I feel like the material can be to "churchy" for people, but if you can talk about the matter at hand and take it out of a religious context I think you can open a whole other avenue to reach people! Its just a matter of finding that avenue over and over again lol.

Anyways... we had a guest in from Pepperdine this weekend, Ruban. He is in Heildelburg on Pepperdines study abroad and met Larry and Pam at the World Missions Workshop last fall and wanted to come visit them. Friday night Pam came over (larry was out of town) and Sussanne came along with Roy and Tiffany and we all had chicken pot pie for supper. Sussanne had never had a chicken pot pie so i told her id make her one since it was an american thing :). She liked it! After that Tiff Sussanne and I watched a scary movie and Ruben, Roy and Pam played a board game.

Saturday morning was Ladies Breakfast at church, we had a great turn out, 17 people! We stayed until around 11:30, it was great to fellowship with everyone! After that, Roy and I took Ruben around downtown and showed him uncle Karl (the giant Karl Marx head downtown) and some of the other sites (which are pretty limited!). We came back and had afternoon coffee with everyone and then a mexican supper.

Sunday we had church, with a really good lesson from Alex about tolerance and how it is a fine line of being tolerant and being unreasonable and uncaring. After church Pam made a delicious pork roast for lunch and Ruban had lunch with us then caught his train back to Hieldelburg. At 3 we had coffee at sport Alex's house and supper. We played some games and had a great time!

And here we are back to Sunday night!

I just got off skype with my dad, everyone is doing well! Please keep my sister and brother in law in your prayers, my brother in law, Chris, was just accepted into officers training so he will be going off to the first leg of training anytime. They sold their house right before Christmas and found a rent house from one of the church members at Central in moore that is letting them rent until he finds out more plans. He will have to do some time abroad to become an officer, and my sister and nephew plan on being with him, so they are just waiting to hear where they are going. Anyways, please pray for them as they are going through all of the transitions!

Our first of 2 LST ads ran saturday. No luck as of yet. Hopefully we will get some responses!!!! I am going back to all the travel agencies i passed out fliers to a few weeks ago and ask if they have any other questions. Please continue to prayer that we can gain some more contacts!!!!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Quote: You must give some time to your fellow men. Even if its a little thing, do something for others- something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it. ~ Albert Schweitzer

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  1. I had a hard time when we read the parable of the seeds with our friends too. I felt like we were telling them they had to be good soil. I don't think that's what the parable intends to do. It seems to me that rather than analyzing what type of soil you are, it is meant to simply tell you that it's not your fault if all the seeds you sow don't work out in the end. If it makes people feel like they're bad soil, it doesn't seem like that's something Jesus would teach. He never guilted or coerced anyone into following him.