January 7, 2010

Is it Now? Or Never?

The snow has come.... to stay. Its alright though, im dealing with it :). I went and got some "hot-pants" today. What are "hot-pants" you may be thinking.... ski pants! Tiffany was telling me about some she got, and said they were really hot, so from hence forth, ski pants shall be known as hot-pants!

This has been an interesting week to say the least. The movie night went well, we had a good group! Including some people who usually don't come to church activities so it was great to get them involved with others. This time we watched the movie UP, which is great if you haven't seen it. Even if you aren't one that usually watches cartoons, its worth it!

We have ladies bible class tonight, Tiffany is leading the discussion and this chapter is Doubt. I have the next one and it is Faith. The chapter came at a good time, ive been having a hard time being here lately. Not being here so much, as feeling guilty for being here. Sometimes i just feel like it is a waste of money because it is so expensive to live here, especially since the conversation is at $1.50 US for $1 Euro.

We are launching another LST campaign in hopes to get some more readers. Right now, i currently am reading with 5 people, My two "mom" aged ladies (the ones who could be my mom), and one older gentleman who could be my grandpa! I also have 1 personal study with Ceili going on right now, and Sussanne and I are starting one soon as soon as we figure out what to study lol. Marion, one of the young adults at the church has also asked me about doing study, so hopefully we can get something started soon too.

German class starts back up on Monday. I'm looking forward to being able to speak to people... that'd be nice. All to often I see people and want to talk to them, and would if I could, but i just look back down or give them a smile and keep going. Thats pretty frustrating.

I am going to talk to one of the ladies at church about some volunteering I can do around town. Maybe there is a soup kitchen or something I can do to volunteer. I feel like I need to be doing more, but I haven't a clue what.

Well, thats all for the update. I still haven't uploaded New Years pictures yet... sometime soon....

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Quote: Sometimes questions are more important than answers. Nancy Willard


  1. haha, did you know that short shorts were called hot pants in the 70s?

  2. Yea lol thats what makes it even better!!!!