January 11, 2010

Its Not Wrong, Its Just Different

I have had to tell myself that numerous times when trying something new. Or in most cases, something old in a new way. Who likes change? My point exactly. I would consider myself a pretty adventures person, but new things I still approach with caution not knowing what to expect much less what to compare it to that i could know!

Larrys sermon sunday morning was about when God says no. He used many examples but the one that stuck out the most to me was David wanting to build the temple. God told him no, it was not his plan for David, but rather for his son Solomon. That has really been on my heart lately. When does God say "no" and when does he say "try harder"? Thats a tough question to answer. I have always had it in my mind, i'm not sure why, but God can give a "no" but we can always change his mind.... but that really isnt the case. We cant change the answer we can just readjust ourselves to the answer. Food for thought.

We went to Leipzig for worship last night. ACU is doing a trial study abroad for the next 3 years in Leipzig, anyways the sponsors from ACU (the students aren't here yet) came to worship last night. I had forgotten how nice it was to sing true songs of worship. We have english bible study every 2 weeks, and that is good and all, but they are all "devo" songs. There are some good ones in there. But to sing the classic hymns everyone once in a while is just good for the soul. Larry said they are going to set up an english bible study in leipzig too and they are hoping some of the students will start attending.

German class started back up today. It wasn't as bad as I was thinking it would be haha. I enjoy my classmates and teacher so that makes it worth it. It was nice to see everyone again :).

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." Aristotle

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  1. It's so funny that you're excited about singing hymns, because while I love hymns, I really miss singing devo songs. Haha, all we sing around here is really old hymns. :)