July 23, 2010

Productive Day

Today was pretty busy. We have had storms the past few days, so I haven't been sleeping that well. Thunder used to not bother me... but apparently I'm not used to it anymore so every little rumble wakes me up! Im a bit sad about that! Anywho, I had a reader at 10 here at the house, one of the older ladies that I really enjoy reading with. She always has great stories and insights to share.

After her, I ran to the bakery and bought a sandwich for lunch and picked up some fruit for my next readers and headed off to the church. At 11:30 we (Tiff and I) had our new readers come. We had a great reading session and just a good time talking. They are a young couple, 23, and are very open and interested in the Bible.

At 12:30 we parted ways, I stayed at the church and cleaned up a bit, my next reader was 1:15, so I had lunch and then pulled a few weeds in the extra few minutes. I met with Kerstin then, we had another good reading. We are moving out of the gospels now and getting into Acts and Romans.

At around 2:30 I went of to the Rhodes house and we talked about the winter trip we are planning. We are shooting for a week long trip with the young adults in the congregation. We aren't sure on the details yet, it will be another month before we can have it nailed down for sure and get some prices. Looks like it will be fun though, we are looking at France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland for some of our stops. We have 3 possible routes planned out now, we will just wait and see on prices for each.

After that meeting I came back and checked in with Morgan. It was nearly 4 then, so I came back to the house to answer some emails. I relaxed for a bit, catching up on the news (which I usually do at lunch everyday) and some Law and Order. I made a plan for the weekend as far as the menu. Mopped the house then a quick trip to the store while the floor dried then back to fix a bite for supper. Cleaning out the fridge and about to vacuum the house! The end!

Its nice to have a full day! I feel productive on those days! My next project is the garden at the church, it has some crazy vine that has covered everything! Next week I will be fighting with the vine. Until then, the battle with the slugs continues!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

If you are not making the progress that you would like to make and are capable of making, it is simply because your goals are not clearly defined. ~Paul J Meyer

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