April 27, 2010

Handing Out Cards

You have seen those people handing out fliers outside of a building before right? You kindly take what they hand you, and then walk off and drop it in the next trash can.

Today- I was semi-one of those people. The hander-outer not the thrower-awayer. Wr canvased downtown Leipzig with LST fliers and cards.

Putting up fliers was harder than I imagined- we had the pull tab fliers with numbers and emails. Most people wouldn't let us put those out. However I found a method that seemed to work pretty well to hand out the cards!

I would approach people with a confused face, "Sprechen Sie English?" which means, "Do you speak english?" . Most would take sympathy on me, and say yes. I would then pull out the card from my pocket- and immediately read their face. I would then attempt to explain that we had 6 university students coming from the states that would be here for 6 weeks and wanted to meet Germans and make contacts and they were offering free english conversation! At this point most people would start to shut down or back off- thinking it would cost something. I would then insert, "we have fliers (at this point handing them the card) with this same information, do you know where we can put up the fliers around here?" They would then be a bit more receptive and try to tell me where I could go. I would then ask if they were interested, stressing it was free and the students would only be here 6 weeks and most said they were or knew someone who might be and took the card.

This was not a fool proof method by any means, I got shot down numerous times! But we also got a lot of good leads so hopefully the Leipzig LST campaign will go amazingly well and they will have more people than they can handle!

Please continue to pray for both Chemnitz and Leipzig LST, next week we will cover Chemnitz with LST fliers as well!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Truth is more of a stranger than fiction. ~Mark Twain

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  1. good work! That sounds like a less confrontational way to engage people.