April 25, 2010

April 24th

April 24th has finally come and gone. For about 2 weeks straight now, I have for some odd reason, thought it was April 24th!

We had a busy weekend! The singing concert was Saturday, we had 114 people at the concert which was great! Hopefully we will get some LST contacts out of it! This afternoon I was invited to a friends confirmation party. Confirmation is what the 14 year olds go through in the evangelic church here, most are baptized as babys, so at 14 they go through a class and take some tests and get to accept Jesus themselves.... Its a big deal here, so it was an honor to be invited! It was Steffi's little sister, Jessi. Just being at Steffis party a few weeks ago helped because I knew a hanful of the family, and then I have seen most everyone else there in pictures so I felt like I knew them too! They are such a loving family! Its so great to have friends like that here that bring us in and invite us to be a part of their celebrations! (Confirmation is one of the life mile stones here, you have your baptizing party when your little, your birthday parties, you confirmation party and your wedding so it is pretty special to be a part of it!)

So, that means the big kick off LST campaign is officially under way! Ads are running, free time is spent passing out fliers! I'm sooooo excited! Literally, im not exaggerating, I am excited to hit the ground and hand out invitations!

This week was really an amazing week! I finally feel like being here is significant. Ok, not that I didn't feel that way before, but the down time was REALLY killing me- like ive said before, idle hands are bad for me! However the weather has warmed up so working outside is do-able now! When I'm not prepping for readers I can work outside at the church or here at the sullivans! There is always something to be done! I love it! I meet with readers ever day of the week which always makes my day!

Lets see rough run down of this week:

Monday: Morning re-arrange my room and clean up for another bed (Morgan is coming in 2 months!!!!!); I have Silke at 2, Conny at 4 and then at 6 I am meeting the Rhodes and Yan at the church to work.

Tuesday: Hop the 9:30 train to Leipzig to hand out LST fliers. Do lunch with the Leipzig crew and the Rhodes; have supper with the Abercrombies and one of their contacts and come back.

Wednesday: Miriam and Tabita are coming for breakfast at 9 then I have a german lesson with Miriam after breakfast; team meeting; and then another german lesson with Marion.

Thursday: Laundry, baking for bible class and reading in the morning. Alfred at 2, Kerstin at 3 and then reading for Ceili, Ceili at 6 and Ladies Bilbe class at 7.

Friday: Haha Friday is an interesting holiday here, its Man's Day, well thats the best way to translate it. Ill be doing some research in the morning, I meet with Isabell to pick out a bible study on Friday at 2 and then back to the house to meet with a NEW CONTACT at 5! Ellen, one of the members here, was speaking with a colleague who said she wanted to practice her english and tadaaa! Friday night is free as of now....

Saturday is May Pole day. Yes, actual May Poles! Luckily, the area I live in is one that goes all out and is kind of known for their May Pole. Saturday there is a big parade and what sounds like a block party or street party for the neighborhood. It will be a fun cultural experience to see everything!!!!!

So thats all for now folks! Pictures to come soon! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity. ~General Douglas MacArthur

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