April 15, 2010

So Much This Week

So much has happened this week I don't even know where to start!

I guess the beginning will suffice and we will go in chronological order!

Okay, so Monday I met with Silke, the one who could easily be my mom, we had a break through! We were reading about Judas' betrayal of Jesus and then the next lesson was about the passover when Jesus breaks the break and gives the wine. I think she finally understood that all of the stories we were reading went together! She made the connection that Judas was one of the people close to Jesus and that he had just betrayed (or done something really bad)! It was amazing to see her make that connection! Not to mention I was SUPER excited! She has been a tough reader, she knows how to answer but is not a believer and does not have much bible knowledge, but she can give me a bible answer, if that makes sense. She finally got it and gave a real answer on Monday!

Tuesday Ceili and I had a great reading in A Case for Christ. We talked about the reliability of the NT and the authenticity of Christ. Again, it was amazing to watch the wheels turn for Ceili. She believes and went to church and attends here, but has not yet made a commitment. To watch her learn and grow is great! We have some amazing conversations and she is really excited to get through this book and see what else she can learn! We are only 4 chapters in and we are having some great conversations and learning a lot!

Wednesday I talked to Lisa, my best friend from home who is going through a divorce at 24 and has a 2 year old little girl. To say the least, she is having a really hard time. We have talked about Christianity and church, she showed some real interest my freshman year at OC so I got her a Bible and encouraged her to read and ask any questions she had. It didn't take long before the topic was dropped, and in fear of pushing her away, I just let it slide for a bit. Anyways, when I spoke with her Wednesday I asked her if she had considered going to church, and she said YES!!!! She was just afraid to go alone, so I asked her if she would go with me when I came home and she said she would!!!! Of course, I encouraged her to go now, but she didn't want to go alone. Ive considered contacting some people at the church and asking them to go visit her, but I don't know how she would respond to that... im not sure it would be good lol. Maybe if they got to know her a little first, visited the place she works at, let her see they are normal people, and then have someone call or contact. Who knows....

Anyways woohooo!!!!

That brings us to today- thursday! Today was a busy day, I got up this morning and started baking for ladies class (lemon bars) and cleaning up the house. This afternoon I had Alfred and then immediately after Alfred was Maria. We had coffee and cake with Maria and listened to her play the piano some, she is an amazing musician! I'm kinda excited to introduce my mom to her! After Maria's I came back and got supper ready for Karen and I, we had supper and then it was time for ladies bible class. It went great, we are getting ready to start a new book which looks like will be pretty interesting!

Tomorrow I am going to Gesila's in the morning and helping her wash her curtains and put them back up, and then I am supposed to meet with Isabell so we can pick out a book to do a study with, but I might give her a call and move it to next week... Right after that we leave for the European Singles Retreat (ESR)! There are 6 of us from Chemnitz going, I'm very excited to get to see everyone and spend time with people!!! YAY!!!!!

So, thats all for this week! SOME AMAZING STUFF! God is good!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sail to ensure I always reach my destination. ~Jimmy Dean

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