April 6, 2010


Easter weekend was a busy one!

Friday (which is a holiday, most everything was shut down) we had brunch with the Louks! That was defiantly a fun experience! I do have to say the Germans are very welcoming and willing to bring us in and help us get involved which is absolutely amazing! It is one thing to be here and live as an American, but it makes the experience so much richer when people bring you into their homes and invite you to meet their friends and family.

Thursday was my friend Steffi's birthday. In Germany it is tradition to throw your own birthday party. Steffis mom had called a few weeks prior and asked us to come on Friday as a surprise for Steffi. Steffi hosted coffee on both Thursday and Friday and usually you have a meal with family and friends, which was Friday night. Steffi again, invited us to coffee on either day, but we never responded to which we would come to (because we were a surprise for Friday night!). Anyways, we went Friday night for coffee and supper! It was great to spend time with Steffis family! Miriam also came with Tabita (Tabitha) and Alex was there. After supper and family had gone home, it was Steffis folks, Karen and I and Alex and we all watched the video from when her parents came to visit her in the states last year (she spent a year in Philadelphia as a nanny).

Sunday was Easter, as I mentioned in my last post, Easter is a lot different here! I had a conversation last week with Silke about Good Friday and why it was "good" if it was supposedly the day Jesus died. Monday was also a holiday, no school and businesses were shut down. I haven't been able to get internet in the house for a while, I have to sit at the window and pick up the Sullivans internet, anyways Sven, one of the church members said he thought he could fix it. So he came over Monday afternoon and we all had coffee (Karen, Sven, the Sullivans and myself) and cake. Then Sven fixed the internet!!!!!

Monday night we had dinner together as a team and then watched a movie. which leads us to today!

Most of my readers for this week have canceled because it is a holiday so they are out of town or have family visiting which means my schedule is pretty free. Today I am getting caught up on basic stuff, newsletters fundraising, reading ect. Tomorrow we are taking a day trip for my birthday!!! Aka I am avoiding throwing my own birthday party because I dont really like birthdays anyways! Thursday or Friday Karen and I are going to take a day trip to Prague!!!!!!!! Karen was supposed to be in Italy this week, and invited me to go, but she got sick and I couldn't go because it was just to expensive. However she is doing better now and offered to do a day trip so we are shooting for Prague!

So there is the week in a nutshell! Please continue to pray for funds, I am mailing out the letters today! Oh, pics are of my brother and niece Addisyn at her first birthday party and plastic easter eggs which they don't have here!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

One person with a belief is equal to 99 with an interest. ~ John Stewart Mill

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  1. Yeah "Good Friday" is a good question. Also, we talked about how a lot of scholars believe he died on Thursday.