September 2, 2010


I leave Tuesday to head home for my 3 week furlough. Im pretty excited... to say the least!

Working for the Lord is great, please don't underestimate that, however missing important milestones for those that are close to you are very hard as well. I am so very excited to get to see my friends and family.

Joel and Kendra made it in safely on Monday, they are staying with the Sullivans while they look for an apartment in Dresden.

There is lots of exciting news with readers... where to start?

For LST this year, we made a GIANT yellow sign that said Lets Start Talking on it to use in years to come. After the info meeting, we pinned it up on the fence in front of the church. There is construction going on right now, and the stop light.... right in front of the church! We have gotten lots of calls and its great! We have a young couple we are meeting with that are searching for something to believe in! Right now we are working through the Luke books and doing an intense study of the major world religions, and Tiffany is doing a study with the girl about how to choose your faith. It is really exciting to read with people who are interested and want to know so much!

We got another call on Tuesday, and I met with her on Wednesday. A younger girl, 23, who saw the sign and wants to practice her english and is really excited to get to practice with us!

In other news, clean up here is going well. We are getting the insulation and sheet-rock up right now. They are coming to drill in the floors and suck all the water out from under the house next week.

The goal is to be all finished and ready to move in the week I get back from the states.

So, I think that is all of my news for the time being.

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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