November 18, 2010

Prayer and Repentance Day

Wednesday was Prayer and Repentance day here in Saxony, I believe that is one of the holidays that Saxony recognizes and no one else does. That happens a lot. Anyways, it means everyone had the day off wednesday because it was a holiday. Last week was Linda's 30th birthday so to celebrate, she invited everyone out to a nice restaurant for brunch. Brunch in germany means both breakfast and lunch, 2 separate meals at the same time. Just to clarify. Anyways there was a large group of us, 15 maybe.

I had a wonderful time and got to chat with folks which of course was nice! That afternoon I came home and made my first homemade bread! I had the free time and figured why not! They came out delicious in case you were wondering!

Everyone is working hard to get the Sullivans apartment back in functioning condition. Pam's family comes in on Tuesday and Larry and the rest of the guys come back from Bulgaria on Monday night. Everything is almost done, its just a lot of last minute things. Lots of cleaning and getting things back where they are supposed to go!

Today I have Ursula in a little over an hour, and then Isabell this afternoon for coffee. Tonight is English Bible Study and then we are going out to a restaurant around the corner with a group from EBS for supper and to hang out. Tomorrow is low key, nothing really planned other than working around the house(s). Sunday we are meeting with Cindy and Stephan for coffee at the train station again so it will be nice to see them!

Thats all from my side of the world! Have a wonderful weekend! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

For he who sees a need but waits to be asked is already set on a cruel refusal. ~Dante Alighieri

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