November 2, 2010


Sorry its been so long since i've updated. I had some free time this morning so I thought I would jot some new things on here.

Things have been going well. Fall is defiantly here, the weather has been getting chilly, however the past 2 weeks have been absolutely amazing! We have had cool brisk air but beautifully sunny days! This of course provides an excellent time to rake leaves, a favori... i mean a fall pass time. But seriously, the weather has been amazing the past few weeks!

Work at the Sullivan's is going well, it is almost at an end!!! The goal is to have their house finished in 2 weeks before the guys leave for Bulgaria.

Readers are going well, I got a new guy, Ralf, who came to english movie night last night. He seems like an interesting fellow, im looking forward to getting to know him.

Sunday I went to leipzig for worship, that of course is always exciting and uplifting! This Sunday there were 10 people there!!! I got to see Inis (pronounced Eeee-Nn-ise) which was great, I really enjoy spending time with her. We would defiantly be friends if we were closer. She is in her late 20's early 30's and works in advertising! How cool is that?

What else what else.... I have started working on German some more. I wont be taking any more german classes, they are just to expensive and take up to much time for the amount of time I have left here. So as a substitute, I am working through my books again and meeting with Sven once a week for some one on one help, and then meeting with one of the older ladies in the congregation, Gesila, for some reading and pronunciation each week.

Oh yea! I went to the volunteer center last week and applied for a position as a volunteer. I think we found a food center not far from me actually where folks can come and pay about 5 euros and get a bag of food for the week. I'm excited about getting started with that! Apparently most folks here dont really volunteer. I had to fill out some major paper work to apply, and they wanted to know all the reasons I wanted to volunteer, if i wanted a certificate when I was done, if I was doing it for work or because it was part of my job. It was kind of weird... I asked Amanda (she was a HIM worker who stayed and is now teaching english and living in chemnitz) if people just volunteered for fun here, and she said not really that its just not something people think about. Of course that was the problem I ran into last time, ever position we looked at, I had to be able to speak german at a better level than I do, or it was a paid position. Free time to do good for others just isn't a concept people really consider here.

Alright well I better get off of here. I just gave Snickers a bath and now I need to clean up before I go see Gesila! I would like to ask for your prayers though, I talked to my mom this weekend and our family friend, Robert, who might as well be our grandpa has now moved in downstairs with mom. He used to live in the apartment we had over our garage, but he has gotten really sick and can't stay up there by himself anymore. Mom said she was looking for some home health care for him, so please keep him in your prayers that he will be as comfortable as possible. It can't be fun having to give up some of your freedoms. And prayers for mom that she can keep her sanity living with a man again lol.

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

It doesn't matter if people are interested. It's about you taking your stuff and shouting out into the void. ~Jadelr & Cristina Cordova

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