October 20, 2010

The Swing is Twisting

Remember the rush of wind as you flew through the air reaching heights no kid had ever been to before? Leaping off at the apex of your momentum? Holding on to the feeling like you were soaring through the air, imagining taking off and floating through the sky. What about the gentle ebb and flow as you chatted with your friend on the swing next to you? You swung in rhythm and then opposite each other. What about sitting there twisting your feet in the rocks or dirt. You know what I'm talking about. You were just taken back to the school yard when you were 8 years old or sneaking into a park with your friend when you were supposed to stay in the yard.

Perhaps that was just me.

What about that moment when you start to twist the chains above your head? Fun right? You spin and spin until your toes cant touch the ground anymore, and then you tuck your feet under you, hold on tight, and get ready to unwind. Its fun. Its a moment of being out of control. But then you can't stop the twisting. You've had your fun, and now your body is lashing around like a toy. You slowly bring yourself to a stop and commence to gentle twisting, just one or two turns, not the whole thing like you did the first time.

In the past 2 days I have lost 3 readers. Not fun. That would be the twisting out of control mode incase you were wondering. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things (pun intended) but its more like being in the last stage where I can't really control the twisting.

Last weekend I was invited to a castle with a family from church. That was a big step for me, I went by myself without anyone else there! Of course my first instinct was to decline the invitation and come up with some sort of excuse, but rather I fought myself and I went, and I had a blast! They were having a medieval festival too, so it was really neat!

Lets see, last weekend I also went to the Chemnitz Niners game with a group, Stephan, Sven, Steffi, and Karen (Karen missed the memo of needing a 'S' name!). I blogged about this a little last year when I went to the game, it was a lot like high-school basketball in the states. The guys play with heart (if that tells you anything about the game itself!). This game was pretty intresting though, we were down nearly 30pts at half time and then they came back and fought and won by 3 pts! It was great! I really enjoyed the game and getting to hang out with the group!

This week is kind of slow, I have been trying to re-contact my readers and get back into a schedule with them. That being said, I've had lots of time around here, so I have been getting caught up on some reading. I got behind on the world religion study while I was in the states so I have been trying to get through that and keep up the same quality of work. I would like the notebook to be something I can keep and use as a reference later which means I need to go through the book accurately and make sure and get it right. I have also been reading the new Max Lucado book, Out Live Your Life as well as another I will be doing as a personal study with Isabell soon.

That is all the news I have from this side of the ocean. Hope all is well with you all. Have a wonderful and blessed week!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it but you can spend it. Once you've lost it, you can never get it back. ~Harvey MacKay

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