November 22, 2009

Roller Coaster

Today I had two very interesting lessons, the first was in Chemnitz this morning. The title was "Life in a 'Second Choice' World". It was about not looking back and living with a Christ centered world. How everyone dreams of doing things, having lots of money, a spouse, 2 kids and a picket fence, that job promotion, ect. But when we become Christians we are where we are supposed to be when we are supposed to be there. There is no looking back. Being a Christian is the second choice world from what we originally imagined. Paul was used as an example in the lesson, one that was on the opposite spectrum from what he originally expected in life.

Then this afternoon we went to Leipzig for worship and had another amazing lesson about the Christian life as a roller coaster. We looked at the life of Peter and the ups and downs of his life. Just when Peter thought he was at his spiritual highs he was actually at his lowest, and yet he still had an earnest heart for God and continually kept going after his downs.

Both messages really hit home today. Tonight on the train ride back we were talking about what our plans were for after graduation. As we all sit on a train in Germany lol. Life here is a lot like a roller coaster. It is absolutely exciting and invigorating to be a part of Gods work and know that I am doing work for the Kingdom. At the same time though, it is unbelievably scary! At any moment, something I say or do could influence someone in the wrong way. Just when I think I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing I get a little tap on the shoulder from God. Thanks God. For example:

I mentioned a new reader last week. She would be about my moms age and has a daughter that is a year younger than I am and a son 2 years older than me. She went to church on and off as a child but does not attend anymore. Last week, in prep for our reading, I was really looking forward to the conversations because it was over Jesus being left in the temple and his parents having to come back and look for him. Great story, great conversation starters right? What I wasn't expecting was the question, "What is heaven?" Seems like a simple question right? How would one explain heaven to someone who knows and is familiar with a lot of Bible stories but doesn't know Heaven? It was an interesting few minutes of me trying to explain. I finally told her I would come back with a better explanation next week. Which of course opens the door for all kinds of conversations of what happens after death.

Anyways, all that said it has been a great day! I finally got my newsletter sent out last night! Booo! I thought i sent it out earlier this week and found it odd that I hadn't gotten any responses.... and then noticed I had another draft in the draft folder... and there it was! Sitting in the drafts folder! So it went out just a little late! All is alright though!

Larry and Guido should be back from Bulgaria tomorrow, I am looking forward to hearing more about their trip! This week I have readers almost every day. I am on the hunt for a winter jacket this week! Its going to get cold soon... no comment, but I want to be ready!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Quote: The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one. ~Elbert Hubbard

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  1. I really like that quote... and I find that question hard as well. It's amazing how much I take for granted that I know, but then when someone asks me, I find out how ignorant I am. Heaven is a hard question, because some say it'll be a new earth, some day the kingdom of heaven talked about in Matthew is a Jewish way of saying the kingdom of God, or the church, so those parables are a bit confusing... then there's how literally do we take Revelation? was it about heaven, or just a critique of the Roman empire? I guess the only thing I do know is that we'll be with God, and that is enough.