November 13, 2009


This week has been CRAZY BUSY!!!! Which is perfect because thats the way I like it!!!

Monday I met with one of my readers. We finished the book of Acts so now I think we will move on to John or the Good News book, im not sure yet. She is a very interesting lady and I enjoy reading with her and the conversation we are able to have.

Monday afternoon Roy Tiff and I all hopped a train to Dresden to visit Janine and Vanessa. Janine showed us around some of downtown Dresden and then we met up with Vanessa while Janine was in class and picked a spot for supper. We all enjoyed supper at a quaint italian restaurant. Tiff was feeling a little sick, and we were out late the night before in Leipzig, so we skipped the English Bible study and came back to Chemnitz. We had a fun adventure on the train when we got here though, we were on an express instead of a regular train, which means it doesnt stop at all the little stops in town... aka the stop right up the street from our house. So once we realized we weren't getting off in Chemnitz, we rode to the next little down and killed 45 minutes at the train stop while we waited for the next train to come. It was defiantly a fun adventure!

Tuesday morning I met with a new reader. It went very well and I am looking forward to getting to know her better. She has some Bible knowledge, she went to church some when she was little, so she knows the basic stories that we are reading. She was very friendly and jovial, which is rare the first time you meet Germans (for the most part not always). So I am really looking forward to reading with her!

Wednesday Steffi came over for lunch as well as Larry and Pam and Karen was home. So it was nice to spend some time with everyone. Meals are always a good time to hang out and spend time together. After lunch Karen Steffi and I played some skip-bo and chatted.

Thursday Tiffany and I made a trip to the Christian book store in town. We successfully made it there and back! That was a fun trip! We found a Bible for Ceili that had French, German and English! Karen and I ordered one from the book store about a month ago and we thought it was German/English, and sine we ordered mine and tiffanys off Amazon we didnt need that one anymore. Ceili didnt have a german/english bible so i was gonig to get it for her, but when we got there and saw the bible they ordered it was all 3. So what your thinking, its a bible.... well, Ceilie speaks English and French, German is her third language! So it was perfect.

Side note- it is a small world! I dont think Ive written about Ceili on here yet. She is an exchange student from the states, Organ, who just graduated HS and wanted to do a year abroad. She showed up at EBS the same time the Vienna students where here, and came over to play cards afterwards. Come to find out, Ceili did a lot with Cascade, and her host family here lives literally about a block away! How neat is that? Yay God! Theres not much more you can say to that lol, it is just so coincidental!

Back on track, Thursday afternoon Roy and I met with the older couple we read with. He and I had a very interesting reading, we did the story of the paralyzed pan that was lowered through a hole in the ceiling to Jesus feet. Jesus tells the man, "your sins are forgiven", and then the Pharisee's get mad and tell Jesus he doesn't have the authority to say that, so, in my words, Jesus tells the man to stand up that he is healed, and the man does and everyone is amazed. Its a pretty deep story. So I asked my reader, who is an older gentleman, "so, as Christians, what does this story tell us about sin and forgiveness?" I was expecting something a long the lines of, "we have to ask God for forgiveness of our sins, not man... ect." something along those lines. But what he said, was more along the lines of, "People who are sick, are sick because they have not asked forgiveness of their sins." So I clarified, "so do you mean people who are sick, are ill because of their sins?" "yes". Wow! I have heard people who thought that, but I have never actually ran into one! It defiantly took me for a loop!

Thursday night we had Ladies Bible Study, we talked about contentment. Which is always interesting. We talked about being content with our material things, which is a problem, but I think spiritual contentment is more of a problem. Getting to comfortable where we are to even realize we are standing still and being idle. Another time....

Today we went and applied for our visas. Tiffany and Roy already have a 6 month visa and I went to get mine for 2 years. We had a bit of a hang up, our insurance letters from IMG and our letters from the HIM program were both in english, so we have to get both of those in German. Which the HIM letter wont be a big deal, not sure exactly how we are going to do the insurance letter yet, I think Larry had some idea about someone here. So, anyways, we all left with a check list of things to do before we come back!

Tonight we are having a game night!!! Yay!!!! Anyways, now everyone is up to speed! It was a crazy busy week! Good times good times!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Quote: Hope means seeing the outcome you want is possible, and then working for it. ~ Bernie Siegel

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