November 5, 2009

Oh Snickers

Snickers gets the title of the blog today because, as Larry and Pam's dog, she is going through a very confusing time of transition. She is at their house Tuesday through Sunday and our house, Sunday through Tuesday. All that said, it being Thursday, she is sitting at the door barking to be let in at the current moment. I believe there is a picture of the two of us somewhere on a previous post.

A recap of this week:

Monday I was at the market downtown. Not just the usual market, but the HUGE market that comes the first monday of each month. It was a rainy cold day here so the tram was a little more crowded than usual, as public transportation is the main form of transportation for people. I ventured downtown to see the market that Barbara had told Tiffany and I about the week before when we met with her. I was not prepared for what was waiting! I would compare it to a craft fair in the states with much more gifted and talented crafts! People had pottery, wooden crafts, table clothes, the list could go on. I was in awe walking around through the crowded downtown. I must have looked especially German on Monday because no sooner did I step off of the bus were people constantly trying to talk to me. I guess I have perfected my, "Ich Verstehe kein Duetsch" well enough that people do not believe me when I tell them I don't speak German. Anyways, I spent about an hour and half meandering through the streets looking at everyones trade and trying to compare the differences between them.

Monday night we hosted out first English Movie Night! We watched The Emporor's Club which always generates good discussions. There were only 6 people total, which was a little disappointing, but it went very well. We had a great discussion about morality and character. Our plan is to meet the first Monday of each month and show a movie followed by discussion of issues brought up in the movie. Next month, in honor of the Christmas season, we are watching Its A Wonderful Life hosted by Roy and Tiffany. Hopefully we will get more people to show up!

Tuesday was still rainy and cold. I spent most of the day attempting my German homework. The sentence structures are killing me! That afternoon, two of the young adults from the church came over for supper that Tiffany and I had prepared. It was the 5 of us, (Karen included). It was a great time of fellowship and just getting to know one another! That night was topped off with tuesday night Bible study over the book of Corinthians. Since I cannot understand the lesson, I try to read the scripture they are talking about and journal about it. Its not the same as Bible class, but I can occasionally pick up on something and try to figure out what the lesson is about in context.

Wednesday was German day! German pretty much dominates the day! I have another attempt at my German homework in the morning and run an errands that need to be done, and then at 12:30 Tiffany and I set off across town. We get back around 4:10ish for our meeting with our supervisors at 4:30. We took the Myers Briggs as a team, it is interesting to see how oddly accurate the test came out for all of us.

Today I spent the morning working at the church helping to put in a flower garden edge. This afternoon is the older couple that Roy and I read with. Today I met with them alone, Roy wasn't able to make it, so the three of us chatted and had coffee. I asked them about their weekend, and they had visited a small village near Siffon and hiked to the oldest Jewish synagog still left in Eastern Germany. From there I asked about their lives during the DDR time. The husband had mentioned that he was a police officer at one point before he retired, so I wasn't sure exactly where the conversation was about to go, but he told me he started in 1990 immediately after the wall came down. It was very interesting to hear their stories from when they were growing up and all the Jewish people leaving. Hopefully we will be able to talk about that more later!

And alas, here I am. Tonight I am having a quiet evening along. Sorry that is a really long post. I will post some pictures tomorrow night or Saturday. Now I am done.

Quote: People only see what they are prepared to see. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

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