November 9, 2009

Crazy Busy

This weekend was crazy busy! Saturday we got up and did some cleaning around the house. and then I went shopping.

Here is a shopping story for your enjoyment: Karen and I sat down to make a shopping list, knowing that we needed to leave by 12:30 and it was already 10:30. I, trying to be a nice roommate, offered to do the shopping so Karen could get ready. We make our list, and I grab the basket to do the shopping across the street. What should have taken maybe 20 minutes, took an hour and half. While I did all the shopping in the states, not being able to read what the labels say here can be and is very frustrating! Apparently chicken, which usually looks something like "Huhn....fliesh", goes out the window around november and turkey, "pute", comes in! Odd, because Germans don't celebrate Thanksgiving because it is not a significant over here lol. Anyways, after standing in the meat section for about 20 minutes trying to translate everything that was minced and had "huhn" in it, i decided nothing even looked close to chicken and left! Good thing though, because alas they had none of what I was searching for (chicken strips and breasts). I ended up going to another store around the corner but it was a fun shopping adventure. They have all kinds of meats here, and they mix them together a lot! everything is minced meat! Another day I will write about the adventures of attempting to make hamburgers lol.

Saturday was Alex's gymnastic competition. He did a really good job! It was around 7 when we made it back, so Karen, Alex, Steffi and I all had supper together and watch an episode of Greys.

Sunday we had church that morning, I really enjoyed the lessons. Alex (big Alex that preaches not sport Alex) is going through the book of Mark and talked about how we should do service with a prayerful perspective, and Steffin gave a lesson about arousing God's love in our lives through searching for Him. That afternoon, Roy, Tiff, Ceili, Jan and myself all hopped on a train to Leipzig where we went to worship. We had another great lesson from Larry about Gods love and forgiveness.

Today Roy Tiff and myself are heading to Dresden to visit Janine and Vanessa, two of the college age kids from Chemnitz who are in Dresden at University. I met with a reader this morning, and we have already worked completely through the Acts book! It was kinda weird to think I have already been here for 2 months! She was my first reader and we have already finished a book, it has gone by so fast! Exciting though, because we are able to have some very good conversations!

I say all that to say this week is also very busy so I probably won't be posting until next weekend. Have a wonderful week!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Quote: The best ideas come as jokes. May your thinking be as funny as possible! ~David Ogilvy

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  1. haha, they do mince a lot here too. All kinds of meat mince. the first time I was asked to bring mince for our youth rally, I thought they meant "mints" hahahah