March 3, 2011


Ive been sending out Resumes this week. So far I think ive send out 4 or 5 all in the OKC area. I am looking around but trying to stay in OK or North Texas.

I also got my ticket changed yesterday. I went to Dresden early yesterday morning and moved it officially to the 12th of April. I met Bri for lunch, it was nice to chat and just hang out for a bit.

Then we met up with Kendra and Joel and all caught the train to Chemnitz. They were coming for the big choir concert this Saturday!!! Getting close!!! I hope we have enough room! Usually we went our a place but this year we decided to just host it in the church.

Thats all the news I have here. Have a wonderful week!

Be good and do good!

I shut my eyes in order to see. ~Paul Gauguin

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