March 29, 2011

Good Days Are Here Again

The emotions are starting to hit and I don't think last week helped any at all. 13 days left. This time in 2 weeks I will be on a flight to OKC. The crazy-ness is about to start. Here is a short run-down of the upcoming 2 weeks:

Wed: go to the church @ 10 for senior food preperation; 12:30 reader at the house; trip downtown for last minute things in the afternoon and laundry.

Thursday: train down town- train to another small village. morning with a friend and lunch. back to the house. 3:30 reader downtown; evening make sure everything is lined up for friday.

Friday: reader @ 10; downtown before lunch for fruit for the senior food on Saturday; back to house, meeting @ 2; be in Leipzig by 6 for Girls Night then back to Chemnitz.

Saturday: up and to the church for all last minute preparations for senior food night. Seniorenessen starts @ 5 then after that to Steffi's for her B-day celebration.

Sunday: worship, prep for Monday,5 sport

Monday: get up early take bus to small village, speak to class, take bus back to chemnitz. Leave Chemnitz by 11:45 to head to Karen's school for LST party/Baseball; Movie Night @ 7 (which I'm hosting)

Tuesday: Breath

Wednesday: Pack 1 bag

Thursday: reader in the afternoon

Friday: Reader @ 10, meeting @ 2, Friends for dinner @ 7

Saturday: show visitors around chemnitz in the morning. Head to Leipzig for Saxon Singing @ 4; Dinner with the team afterwards.

Sunday: worship, lunch, good-bye coffee @ 3 @ the church. lots of crying anticipated.

Monday: not planning anything, make sure all bags are packed and ready to go. Run any last minute errands. Cry.

Tuesday: head out at 6 am to dresden. the end.

Its going to be an emotional 2 weeks, I can feel it now.

Part of me would be just fine getting on a plane and not saying goodbye but I know I can't do that. So goes life.

Still looking for a job and sending out resumes all the time. Tomorrow will be the last day I will have to actually work on sending any out until I get back. It would be much easier going back if I knew I had a job waiting for me. It is all taken care of, I know that, but man the waiting is killer!

Thats all I got folks! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. ~Eckhart Tolle

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