March 12, 2011

Church Growth

I just have to say I am in absolute amazement at the way God is working in Leipzig! I was able to go and spend some time with Mark and Karen this past week. I went on Tuesday afternoon and attended the English Bible Study they have once a month in Leipzig and it was great! There were 3 visitors who have all been visiting a handful of times.

It was awesome just to see the potential that is taking place there, the growth!

Tuesday I spent with Karen and Mark, Mark had class in the morning so Karen and I walked around their neighborhood and strolled downtown since it was a nice day. We met up with Mark and had lunch then strolled around downtown a little longer. I caught the train back that evening, all in all it was a great trip! I even got to meet one of their contacts who seems like an amazing young women, im kinda of sad i won't get to know her better!

I also met with Isabel this week, we had a very nice chat and were able to just relax and discuss the book and talk to each other.

Thats all the news I have in news! Still sending out resumes, nothing in response yet. I am planning on taking the GRE for grad school when I get back then I'll start sending out applications.

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Whatever you are by nature, keep to it; never desert your line of talent. Be what nature intended you for and you will succeed. ~Sydney Smith

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  1. You have the best quotes. Man at this point in time before you leave, I hope you're getting to see all the people you want to. I cried for the entire month before I left. Even though I knew I needed to leave for many reasons, it was really really hard. I hope your time is sweet