May 29, 2009

Telling Aiyani

I have been a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters for 3 years now. It has been an amazing exspirence and I have love it! Especially this year. I have been with Aiyani for 2 years now, and last year was our "get to know you stage" this year on the other hand, I can tell she was really looking forward to my visits and excited to see me when I got there. 

I have been trying to find a way to tell her I was moving all semester. It came up in conversation over lunch one day with her friends and I said i was moving to Germany. I knew she didn't "get it" though so I was going to have to tell her directly. She is 9 years old and finishes the 3rd grade today. 

Anyways, i have even skipped visits because I didnt know how to tell her and time was getting shorter. I know, it was bad. But I did it yesterday. We were making a book for her teacher, Mrs. Jared, that recapped the school year and said thanks. I timed it so it would be almost time for lunch and not a lot of awkward down time. 

There was literally just a few minutes before lunch and I told her we "needed to talk" so she looked up at me and smiled and went back to working on her masterpiece. I told her I was moving to Germany for two years and i how much i would miss our time together and how proud of her i am yada yada. She looked up at me her little eyes were all puffy and swollen. Then, luckily, the whistle for lunch was blown. 

She asked if i could stay after lunch so we could finish the book and I said I could, we would go to the library so we could look at a map too. 

So then she tells one of her friends at lunch that I was moving to Germany and all the kids want to know little german phrases. That was fun. Now Mrs. Jareds 3rd grade class is going around saying "Guden morten" for "Guten Morgan" (which is good morning) and they got "nine" which means no (but that ones easy lol). 

Anyways, once we looked at a globe and she could see where I was going and yada yada i think it was a bit better. 

Up top is a (horrible) picture of the two of us at a BBBS end of the year ice cream party. 

I got a basket of goodies for her and im dropping it off for her last day of classes today. 

Quote: "This moment contains all moments" ~C.S. Lewis

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