May 25, 2009


Fundraising is the not so fun part of the work. I HATE asking people for money. It truly has been and still is a humbling experience to fundraise. 

I sent out an email to a lot of friends and family a few weeks before the end of the semester, so maybe a month and a half ago, asking for church references of churches who might be interested in picking up a new missionary. 

I didn't really get any responses, just lots of people saying they would pray, which is amazing don't get me wrong, but a little disappointing at the same time. Anyways, tonight I got a response!!!!! Im not getting my hopes up, it might just be a one time donation, but I will take anything I can get!!!! (PS this pic is me SUPER EXCITED!!!!)

I am about to mail out another round of letters, mainly churches this time. I am hoping that seeds can and will be planted for this work. God is in control, and I know that, but its really hard to let go on this side....

Anyways, woohoooo for a great weekend at home!!! No pictures this time, sorry :( But alas I have not forgotten about the follow up (nicer side) of Pauls Valley! 

Have a wonderful week! Be good and do good!

Sarah B 

"Be an opener of doors for such as come after thee." Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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  1. Hi Sarah! This is Megan Collier. I am so excited for your Germany adventure! I just know God is going to do great things through you, and you are going to have a fantastic time! Good luck with the fundraising, especially. (and PS I absolutely love that you decorate your room with Christmas lights and maps of the world … my room is decorated the exact same way!) God bless--