May 29, 2009


 I call the road: Path to the future:Follow my steps. 

The (red) Barn: Beauty through the years.

The falling Barn: Still Standing. 

The Fence is just cool- note the arrow at the end too!

And the dog I call: Bliss (although the dogs name is Cupie) 

I found my 35 MM camera yesterday- i forgot how much I love it! I love my digital too, dont get me wrong, but tonight i was reminded of why it is I love my 33 mm soooo much!

I was taking pictures at night. In the middle of a corn field- my goal was to get 1/3rd of a corn field 1/3rd city sky line and 1/3 sky. it would have been an AMAZING shot.... but i couldn't get my digital to take it even on the lowest aperture and shutter settings! As luck has it, i used my last roll of film last night.... Oh well.... So goes life! 

Here are a few pictures ive taken recently- hope you enjoy! I cant wait to get the ones from tonight ready!!!!

Quote: There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer. ~Ansel Adams

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