May 21, 2009


So I have been doing my best to document "Oklahoma" because I remember from my last trip to Germany that everyone wanted to know what it was like, but I didnt really have any pictures of "Oklahoma". Here is a glimpse of what I have gathered thus far. 

Above is just outside of Pauls Valley, I was bored and took a drive at sunset. On the left is actually in a cemetery in January. Please don't get me started on the upkeep of the cemetery, trust me, it has been brought to the proper authorities attention! 

A random picture of my cat KC (killer cat) sleeping on a stereo, nice eh? Most are random pictures. I think the long horn is my favorite :). 

I went on a drive this past saturday with a good friend and have  a ton a photos that I haven't up loaded yet, so hopefully I can get them up soon. 

Quote for the day: "The less routine the more life." ~ Amos Alcott

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