December 8, 2009

Its Cold Outside

With the ever changing and increasingly cold weather, I have been held hostage in the house by an old friend "Cold". Seeing as I have not much else to do, I figured I should update on here.

Friday was EBS, it went very well I thought. Marc lead the lesson and talked about patience. Specifically patience in learning a language. Friday night we had the usual gang minus a few over for cards, that is always a good time!

Saturday afternoon I watched the some of the kids from the church while their folks cleaned the church (easier and faster to do when your not watching 3 little ones!). I was pretty excited about spending some time with the kids, Ive been missing my nieces and nephews, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to make our traditional tea cake cookies. Tea Cakes are a lot like sugar cookies, but thinner, crunchier and not as sweet. Anyways, they make good cookies to cut out and decorate! Since im not getting to have the time with my nieces and nephews I thought surly these kids would love to make cookies! Fail! It was more of the opposite. After the first batch was in the over (and this makes about 10 pans so around 30-40 cookies) they had all lost interest. They all loved the cookies which was good, so at least they ate them, but they again had no interest in decorating them which made me a bit sad. Nevertheless I sent half of the cookies home with the kids and then decorated the other half for our night at Steffis!

Saturday night Steffi had invited some of us over to her house for supper and games. I met her mom for the first time and got to see where she lives! It was a great night, she made pizza for us and then we played a few rounds of skip-bo and then the name game. The one where everyone writes a name on a piece of paper and you tape it to your head and have to ask yes-no questions to figure out who you are. It was a good night! We stayed until nearly midnight and all of the christmas cookies were enjoyed :).

Sunday was worship and then lunch at Pam and Larrys. Roy's folks are here visiting, so everyone was there. Pam made some traditional German foods. I have heard of these large balls of potato stuff- i dont remember what they are called, anyways I had been dreading trying them because they just sounded nasty to be honest! Like mashed potatoes in a ball form that have been boiled. But it was much better than I had expected! Sunday also brought along a headache :( never fun. I havent been sleeping well the past few weeks, so I just put it off to not a lot of sleep. Sunday night we had a great turn out for sport, everyone had a good time!

Monday was German classes and English Movie Night! We watched Its A Beautiful Life, my first time to see the entire movie start to finish. I have seen bits and pieces but never watched it all the way through. I loved it! We had a smaller turn out than we had hoped for, but nevertheless a good one!

Which brings us to today! I stayed home sick today, the cold getting the best of me :(. I am feeling a bit better this afternoon, but more party parts keep getting sore which isnt good. The weather is starting to get cold and stay cold now. Looks like Friday will be the last day we have above freezing for a while. Ive been told we are having a very mild winter thus far, no complaints on this side!

Quote: All of us want to do well. But if we do not do good, too, then doing well will never be enough. ~ Anna Quindlen

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