April 18, 2011

Back and Alive

Oh man has the past week been hands down crazy! I made it in around 11:30 Tuesday night after about 26 hours of travel time!

Tuesday I went and got my car with mom.
Wednesday I worked upstairs in the apartment a lot. I am staying in the apartment we have above our garage but it needs some major work. I also visited the PV church wednesday night, Thursday afternoon I went with Lisa up to the doctor in Norman just have some hang out time with her. Friday I was more working in the apartment, we started painting Friday- we have almost all of the walls done. Its just a matter of moving the furniture around at this point and doing a few touch ups!
Saturday I got up early and went garage sale hopping- found a pack of Uno cards for 50 cents! That was it though. After that I went up to Yukon and saw my niece play soccer which of course was entertaining! Then we all went to dads house and grilled burgers and just hung out for a while. Sunday was church with dad in Lawton then visiting my grandma in the afternoon then back to PV for night service!

So there we go, its been crazy Go-Go-Go. Of course thats totally okay! This week I am going to send out some more resumes and go to main street PV and the chamber of commerce and just get my foot back in some doors hopefully!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Reading is no substitute for action. ~Colleen Wainwright

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