March 20, 2010

Long May You Run

Olesnitz, the small "village" about 20 minutes from Chemnitz hosted the monthly singing yesterday. It was a little different though, if you remember around thanksgiving-ish I posted some pictures and talked about going to help with the floor. Well the floor is now complete and they are able to hold worship in their main building again, so singing was more of a celebration of a completed undertaking. It went really well. I had serious German overload and had a hard time paying attention after a while, but, it was nice to see people and have fellowship with them.

The first half of the afternoon started with a dedication to the church, there were preachers or someone from a lot of the main congregations from around here that got up and gave short lessons about building on a firm foundation. The Chemnitz A Cappella singers sang a few songs, well the ones who are well sang! The second half consisted of a slideshow of renovations and then small performances. The kids sang a cute little german song for us and then two brothers from Olesnitz got up and sang and played their guitars. They sang Long May You Run. Instant flashback to my childhood hearing that. My moms side of the family is very musical, it skipped my gene, anyways, my mom and uncle would always pull out their guitars and sing together, I knew a lot of Neil Diamond, James Taylor and The Eagles as a young child :).

Yesterday was also ladies breakfast. It went really well, we had 16 ladies there, from 10 to 81. It was a nice time of fellowship for us.

This week consists of readers and planning. I am hoping to start of something similar to a mothers day out here. One Saturday a month offer to watch children from a few months old to about 10 (which is old to have a babysitter here, kids are much more independent at a young age). The idea is to give them a free day, so we would "open" at around 9 and stay open til around 4. Please keep this in your prayers, we are hoping it will be a good outreach to families!

All that said, this is my last german class at DazTietz (a community school/Vo-Tech). Now that our schedules are filling up,class is becoming a hassle, not to mention they are costing an arm and a leg. So as an alternative, I am going to meet with native speakers a few times a week and continue to work through the same workbooks I was doing in class. We will see how this goes...

Alright I better start getting ready for church! I am helping in the kids class today for the first time! Should be fun!

Have a great weekend and stay warm! I heard OK got hit with another round of snow!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

We are masters of the unsaid word, and slaves to the ones we let slip. ~Winston Churchill

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  1. mmmm James Taylor. I'm in love with him.

    THanks for how often you post! I love hearing about your life over there!