March 15, 2010


Today was defiantly an exciting adventure! A few weeks ago we went to Pam's class of english teachers, a few of them were interested in having us come to their english classes, so today I visited 3 elementary level english classes. The students were between 8 and 12.

All of the classes were great, I was a little worried after the first class. Most of the questions consisted of "My name is, I am -- years old, I like----" and so on. Anyways, the first group got through those questions and then had some of their own they wanted to ask us, and the first one was, "who is your favorite star?" I just kind of looked at the kid for a minute trying to figure out what he was asking me, as I rapidly tried to recall my days of astronomy in highschool. I asked her to repeat the question, to buy myself some more time, and then she said "superstar, who is your favorite superstar?" I was even more dumbfounded than before. I dont know anyones name, and I defiantly don't have a favorite... So i told this bright eyed 10 year old girl I didn't really have a favorite superstar, smirking to myself of course. She looked a bit confused, and then I asked who her favorite was.

Go ahead, think to yourself, what would a 10 year old german girl say? What would a 10 year old american girl say? What would a 10 year old from anywhere say?

You ready?

Michael Jackson, and drum roll please................ Lady Gaga.

Enough said. As I went around the group and asked each student, everyone answered, either one or both of the above. I just shook my head not even sure how to respond to that.

So I thought, "Ok, well maybe they all said that because the first little girl said that and they just copied, ill ask the next group and see what happens..." Same thing. Seriously, the same thing.

Okay, all that aside, it was a great day! I loved talking with the kids! I was really surprised at how well they could all speak english. I think it surprised them (and me) when they would say something in german and then look to their neighbor and say I don't know how to say that in english, and I would gently smile and say it for them. I understood more than I thought I would. It was easier talking to the kids than to the highschool and young adult classes!

Most importantly though, I really liked the teachers daughter! She is a university student in Dresden who spent a year in Connecticut as an Au Pair. She is studying english and wants to practice. We got her contact info and told her we would send her a message with some of the english activities the church has in Dresden (aka hoping she will do LST with Kenda and Joel next year!!!!) She also said she would email us with activities around Saxony that we should go to or try! It was nice to meet someone our age who isn't a member of the church, but wasn't scared off because we are members of the church!

Saying I am here with the church people have the reaction as if I said I was mormon in the states. Sad, but true. Something to think about.

I had another great lesson with Klause today, hopefully he will be able to make it to English Bible Study friday!

Thats a long post, sorry! Just so much to tell! I ordered 2 more book that were recommended from The Unexpected Adventure, one was Becoming a Contagious Christian, and the other was Faith Paths. The first talks about learning to tell your story to people in a timely and effective manor that fits your personality best to optimize receptivity. The second talks about the 6 paths people take to decided their faith, what ever that may be, and how to effectively reach people on their paths according to their personalities.

Have a great week! Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Quote: Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around. ~Henry David Thoreau

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