October 26, 2009

Great Weekend!

This past weekend was absolutely amazing. I would have to say my favorite thus far. Friday I wondered around and took pictures and rode the tram for fun. That night Larry, Pam, Karen, and Sven all made it back from the retreat safely. Janine stopped by. It was just a great day.

Saturday was busy, we started with ladies breakfast and then had Alex's, competition and after that Janine's concert. The breakfest was great, there is a pic above Mario, Pam and Tiff cleaning up. Alex's competition was A-Mazing! There was a nice sized group of us from the church their to cheer which always makes things better! And then Janine's concert was a blast! I heard some songs I haven't heard in a long time and Janine was absolutely amazing. When she said she was in a band I half-heartedly laughed not really knowing what to expect, but they were good! Almost all of the songs were in english too, which is always a plus!

Sunday started with church. After church we had a pot-luck. There weren't a lot of people there, but that kinda made it nice because it wasnt crazy! Alex brought his mom, so it was nice to get to meet her and have her meet everyone. Sunday afternoon, Roy, Tiff, Ceili (pronounced Kay-lee), Yan, and myself all went to Leipzig together for worship. Worship was great, it was all of us, Marc and Karen, and Pam and Larry. After that, Marc took Roy, Tiff, Ceili and I back to the train station.

From the time Marc dropped us off was an adventure in and of itself. In summary: we ordered Pizza Hut and had to take it to go; the train was waaaay to crowded so hopped off and caught the next one, we played cards the entire way back, we got to see Chemnitz downtown at night which was lovely, and I learned that the bus driver hears a "beep" every-time you push the "stop" button....

All said, it was a great weekend! I am looking forward to what this week will hold! Wednesday we are packing more clothes for Bulgaria, Thursday Tiff and I are meeting Barbra in the morning and Friday, Tiff, Ceili, and I are all going coat shopping together!

So above are some pictures of everything. I dont have the pictures from Janines concert uploaded yet, but hopefully I got some decent ones! Oh yea, and Olesnitz is at the top. We went back a week or so ago and put in some insulation in the floor before they pour concrete on it.

Parting Quote: Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance. ~ Will Durant

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

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  1. ooo that's a really good quote. and potlucks are the beeest