October 22, 2009


This week has been out there! Karen, Larry, Pam and Sven are at a Bible Seminar and have been gone all week, which means it has been Roy, Tiffany and I all week!

Things have been great, Monday I still wasn't feeling very well so I spent the morning in bed and ventured out to get a puzzle monday afternoon. I also started listening to New Moon on audio book again. Monday night Alex came over with Tiffany and we all watched Twilight together. Tuesday I went downtown to find a charger for my camera so I can take pictures on Saturday. I spent some time at the church pulling some weeds and then came back and got ready for Bible class Tuesday night. Wednesday Marion came over for coffee. It was great getting to chat with her. I look forward to getting to know her better. Tiffany came down after a bit and we all had a good time together! That afternoon Tiff and I had a german lesson. it went very well! I am feeling much better about my german now. I can understand some more, and I can figure out more, but I am still not very confident in my pronunciations. Wednesday night Alex came over for supper and Roy, Tiff and I all had supper together and played games. That was a good time! I enjoy getting to hang out together.

Today I went downtown to print some family pictures because I realized I did not have pictures of a lot of my family! I had 2 readers this afternoon and we hit some pretty deep topics both times. Hopefully next week we can talk more about what we hit on this week.

Saturday is going to be busy, we have the ladies breakfast Saturday morning, and then Alex has a gymnastic competition that afternoon (which I am SUPER excited to see!!!!) and then Janine has a concert that night (which I am also SUPER excited to hear!). So its going to be a busy weekend!

Snickers and I have bonded this week, it has been great! Hints the pictures at the beginning! Anyways, I think thats all.

Quote: Sometimes He calms the storm. Other times, He calms the child.

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

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  1. I was sick this week too. Must be going around the world.