October 15, 2009

Its snowing.... and I have a cold

This week the weather has gotten ridiculously cold! It has been chilly all week, but today it has snowed literally ALL DAY!!!! We all know how much i looooove the cold! But seriously, I do like the snow, not the biggest fan of the cold but thats just part of the deal!

Yesterday I had another German lesson. It went much better this week than last week! However, me being me, left my notebook on the tram when I switched over and had no idea until I got the house for lessons! No worries though, that just meant I didn't have a test!!!

After German, Karen, Alex and Jessi came and picked me up and went to Dresden to visit Steffi! We saw Steffis apartment then went downtown and visited Starbucks! I met a group of exchange students from a university, one guy was from South Carolina and one of the girls was from Texas! We talked about the crazy cold weather! After that we went to check out movies, to no avail there were no English movies, so we set out for another movie theater across town! We also stopped to see a replica of the Hundert Wasser house... just take that for what its worth. Anyways, it was fun finding it! It was in a really cool part of town and it was just getting dark so there were lights everywhere! I will try and get some pictures from karen and put them up later!

After that we made our way to Elba park and saw a movie! It was a German movie and I understood more than I thought I would. I have watched movies with english dub overs before, but this was the first English movie with German dub overs. It was much better than I expected! After the movie we were all pretty tired so we dropped Steffi off and headed back to Chemnitz! We had a nice chat all the way back, I got the question game going, and everyone knows how much I love to ask questions!

Today I met with the older couple I am reading with! Well, I am reading with the husband, and roy with the wife, but since Tiffanys parents are in town I met with both today. We just chatted, I asked them about their families and herd some stories about their lives. It was really cool! The husband was telling me about how he used to speak English as a boy with the Americans when they lived with him, and then later with the Russians. He said the Americans would always play with him and teach him words, but the Russians would never play with him, they were always very serious. Anyways, I invited them to English Bible Study tomorrow night. I dont know they will come or not, but we will see!

Larry has been really sick today, he doesnt get sick often, its been over 15 years since he has been this sick, but he is sick!! So not good! There is just nasty-ness going around! I am getting a head cold, no fun! Tomorrow I am heading back to Olesnitz to help put insulation in the new floor! I will try and get some pictures up!

That is all for now!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

Quote: Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all measures. ~Corita Kent

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  1. Wow, I guess I know nothing about Germany, but I'm surprised it's snowing this early!