September 3, 2009


Sleep seems to be eluding me these past few weeks. I seem so very tired, and then get to bed and cant sleep. No fun. 

I am heading up to Edmond in the morning, busy day tomorrow. Going to get some pics done for mom and dad. They keep complaining I haven't gotten any pictures since my senior pics in high school so im trying to be a good daughter before I go and at least take some lol. 

I'm having my going away at OC tomorrow night. Saturday dad and I are going to find some old cemeteries just west of lawton, :) im excited! Then courtney is coming over for the OU game! Sunday is going to be rough, ill have to say lots of good byes to family. 

On that note- mom is actually excited about coming to visit me in Germany! She wasnt to keen on the idea at first, but she has warmed up to it! I think we are going to try for next year right after I get back from my 3 week furlough. It will be a good time of year when it isnt crazy over there and mom can put in for the leave early. Anyways, yay for actually getting her to come! Now comes raising the funds and getting her passport in! 

I've started to pack! I've got a lot of stuff.... I got my hoodies and jackets packed today, they are heavy lol. Monday ill finish packing everything. I'm afraid im going to go over my weight limit, but dad said he'd ship me over stuff if I couldn't get it all in 2 bags so thats nice to know although id like to get it in if I can! 

I went on a drive tonight with my dog Lady. We used to go on drives all the time. She is about 14 years old now, she used to stick her head out the window and let her ears blow in the wind, now she lays her head on the window sill and sticks her nose out lol. Oh well, she still enjoys it! Everything seems very surreal right now. As if I'm going through the motions with no real control over anything. 

Anyways, its getting close, 5 days! I'm really excited to get over and start work. I know its going to be tough the first couple days, but I think ill be okay once i get in the swing of things. 

This truly has been an amazing experience, and as much as it is confusing, and hurts at times, it is comforting to know that God is in control. There is an under laying peace that follows each of the rough times. God is good. I'll be saying that a lot in the times to come. God is good. 

Quote for this post: "I see my path, but I dont know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it." Rosalia  Castro 

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  1. Regarding: "I know it's going to be tough the first couple days, but I think I'll be okay once I get in the swing of things."

    We haven't yet gotten into the swing of things. I don't really think there is a swing; certainly, there hasn't been anything resembling a routine yet. But it's all very good, and I'm really excited about you coming.