September 30, 2009


Its been a while since I have updated on here- sorry...

Lets recap with whats happened.... I met with my first readers last week! That was VERY exciting!

This particular reader we will call Mrs. K, Mrs. K told her neigbors about us, so they came to read that afternoon with Tiffany and I. The readings went well, I need to review a little before tomorrows reading though!

Last week was my friends birthday so Karen and I went to watch his gymnastic practice and then we had a singing night for the younger group on friday and made that a surprise birthday party for him. That was a good time!

Saturday Karen and I were invited to one of the older ladies house for lunch, it was good! I am working on eating more meat.... lol its not that I dont like meat, i have nothing against it, i am just more of a veggi eater. Anyways, it was fun! We went to another older ladies garden with the first older lady and had ice cream out in the garden! That was great!

The pace of life here is just so much different than I am used to. It has been a bit of culture shock with how little people rush around to get things done. I really like it lol!

We got the baseball invitations printed for the baseball game next saturday with the OC Vienna group, I went out monday with the intention of handing out some invitations. My goal was to give out 5. Just 5. I failed... not even one. I just couldn't seem to find anyone who actually spoke any english. So Tuesday I went out again, going to another mall, with the goal of handing out 3. At least on Tuesday I got 1 out. Better than nothing I suppose. Who knows. I was a bit frustrated and disappointed with myself that I couldn't give them out though. All in good time I suppose...

I start my german class next week. Not going to lie, I am scared... but hopefully it will help speed up the German... I certainly hope so anyways, but its going to be hard. Maybe I can hand out some baseball invites there!

On a side note- the Doner man up the street thought I was from great Britain and insisted I drink some hot green apple cider tasting stuff. It was good, but made me laugh he thought I was from GB.

All is going well here, tomorrow Larry, Roy, and myself are going to Oelsnitz to help work on their floor and then Roy and I have the married couple again. The ladies are at the German woman's retreat. I decided to sit this one out, 1, because it is all in german and I dont understand any of it, and 2, because it was really expensive for me to not understand anything! Tiffany braved it and went though, I cant wait to hear about it! They get back on Friday!

I think that is it for now. All is good. No real homesickness yet. Ive missed some friends a bit, but after some skype dates it helps.

Quote: Dont take life to seriously, otherwise you'll never get out alive. ~ Elbert Hubbard

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