September 7, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Place

I leave in about 11 hours. I am getting up in about 4 1/2 and have to leave PV by 8 to make it to the airport by 10 to leave by 12. its going to be a long day tomorrow.

I did better today than I expected. I had my going away at OC on thursday night, that was rough. It seems to be getting easier though. Today I said bye to 3 of my closest friends, ehhhhh. I didnt cry though! I got a little teary at each, but no crying! Tomorrow I dont expect the same luck though. 

There is already a lot to do in Chemnitz so that makes me happy! Thursday is a womens devotional (which ill need to do the assigned reading on the plane!) and then Friday Karen has invited a group over to work on some english songs and hang out!

I've got most everything packed. I really didnt even know what to take and what not to take. I am going to have to have dad ship me over one box/bag. Mainly shoes and sweatshirts. Both of my bags are currently 49.8 lbs! lets hope they are the same at the airport tomorrow! 

Ok well i'm going to try to get some sleep before its time to get up again! Lady is sleeping at my feet :). Oh yea! Dad and I went cemetery hunting on Saturday! That was great! We saw around 8 cemeteries I think! We went north and west of the Whichta mountains! We saw some cool stuff! I will see if I can post a few pics! 

Quote: "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." ~Unknown. 

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