January 1, 2011

Back to Life

Happy New Year everyone! Things here are going really well! We had our new years eve party at church last night and it went really well! We had around 30 people (give take a few) that came! We all had a great night! Played a lot of Uno and Nertz which always makes for a good time! We even got Valdemar, one of the older gentlemen, to play some Uno with us!

Not much new news around here. It was kind of surreal this Christmas knowing that this is my last year in Chemnitz. Part of me wants to take advantage of every opportunity but then another part is telling me to relax and just enjoy the moment and stop thinking about it. Its a tough line.

Its still snowing. It warmed up yesterday and melted a little, but don't be fooled, there are still 2-3 foot high piles everywhere. Its not bad snowing though, it snows then warms up and turns to rain then gets colder and turns back to snow. Its pretty, thats for sure!

This week Im going to take a visit to Gesila and have coffee with her. I'm also going to try and get back in contact with Ursula, the cousin of one of the guys that goes to church with dad. I called her when I got back from the states and she was sick and told me to try back next month but that was right around Thanksgiving and things have been crazy with constant guests from November until now. Things are slowing down again so hopefully I can start visiting Ursula each week too!

Last Sunday the Pietche's invited all of the singles from church over for lunch,it was nice to be able to spend time with everyone. We all played and talked for a little bit, then everyone left and it was Karen, Sven, myself and the Pietches. It was great to be able to just spend time and relax and have fun.

Monday is movie night, we are watching the Guardian this month. I need to watch it and get my questions, maybe this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon. Last time I had way to many questions, going for 4 this time!

Wednesday we are meeting Stephan and Cindy, they invited us out for Greek so we will go have supper with them. This is Cindy's last week off (she just joined the military and finished her basic training) so she will head back on Sunday night. Not sure what is next for her!

Whoa that was a long post, sorry about that! Anyways, happy new year everyone!

Be good and do good!

Sarah B

We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released. ~Jean Houston

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