July 7, 2009

People Watching

I am a self-pronounced people watcher. If I could make a living in people watching, I totally would! I love to people watch. 

The 4th of July was this weekend, I got to see my aunt and uncle and cousins which i haven't seen in a few years. I did a lot of people watching. My youngest cousin, Matthew, has a heart problem, he's had it since he was born. Ultimately the left side of his heart is non-existent. He has had lots of surgeries but is done for a while, his last one which he had about 2 years ago, should last until he is a teenager. Anyways, I say all that to tell you I completely forgot he even had a problem until I saw him playing and realized how quickly he got red and tired before his brother. 

I am sitting in panera enjoying a lovely supper. I am currently trying to figure out the best way to non-cholantly take a picture of the deliciousness. There we go, yay for webcams!

Anyways, through all of my people watching experiences I have come to the realization of how interdependent we are as humans upon each other. I am watching a father and daughter, she seems to be around 2 and he is young, maybe his late 20s. It is just untresting to me how much trust that she openly places in this man. In the same way, Matthew needs his parents. 

I was reading quotes this morning, and I stumbled across one that went something like this: "How bold we can be when we are assured of being loved." 

As Christians we are assured of love in such a way. I look at the mission field, and there is something within me saying "go" whispering it. I know its not me, because everything else within me is screaming "what the heck are you doing?". And yet there is God. Quietly whispering, "go". 

I am so afraid of listening to that whisper. It seems to be so sure, so absolute. But I am more afraid of not listening. Of not going. 

I found a sign off Rt 66 a while back when I was driving around, and it said "jump and the net will appear" and I laughed at it. Who would do that? But thats what I'm doing isn't it? Isn't that what life is about? Jumping? Where do you get if you never jump? You look. You watch. You never know. Who needs a net. Nets are boring. 

Quote for today: I have had a hard time finding a quote for this week so this is one that just stuck out for me. "No one sees what is before his feet:we all gaze at the stars." Cicero 

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