August 6, 2009

What is life?

I am in senior philosophy right now... it is an interesting class to say the least. We are discussing the "deep" stuff.... if thats what you wish to refer to it as. 

I did find one of the discussions a bit more interesting to than the rest. I believe it was Berkley who said that we arent really matter (our being/physical self) and nothing really exists except God and our mind/souls. Our minds create everything that we need/think we need for it to make sense, but it is the mind that goes on and gives life meaning, but matter (everything physical) is not real, simply a figment of our imagination....

Its been in interesting class. Part of me says, "who in the world cares?" and the other part finds it interesting. We have our first test tomorrow.... hopefully ill do well, im nervous not gonna lie! 

Tomorrow is the garage sale.... the one i'm not supposed to know about ;). Hopefully there will be a good turn out though. I am truly amazed at the generosity of people though. I HATE absolutely HATE fundraising with a passion, i feel like i'm begging people for money. But it is slowly starting to come in! Slowly but surely! I need about $10,000 more for this year and $13,000 for next. But im going for baby steps, this year first and next when it gets here! 

Alright well i'm super tired and cant concentrate to study so i think im going to take a nap and then try to study! 

"To be is to do" Kant  

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  1. Have you read 1984? I just finished it and it's a pretty philosophical book that deals with the reality vs. reality in your mind idea. Good stuff. LOVE YOU!